Athena Love and Respect

Channeled Message Day 24
If you have love you don’t need respect because Love itself is respect. You honor and respect you destiny and your life. When you don’t you not only affect yourself, you affect others. Remember that we all all made of oneness. When one falters it’s not easy for another to not falter, or rather, it makes another falter. It’s like a domino effect. If we don’t stand in truth or stand in solidarity it makes life and change more difficult. God, the angels, your souls and so forth are here for you and many of you are not listening. It’s frustrating for humanity and for us. It sets us back time and time again because those of you who lend yourself to evil. Your soul doesn’t want it, but you tend to do it any way. Ask yourself why. Some of you might ask why we talk about these things. We have eyes and ears everywhere. We see what is happening. And while we would rather speak about better things, and we will, it’s humanity that needs to change. And there is no change without us. There are those of you out there that need to ask the tough questions. “What can I do to change.” What can I do to be better, to help myself and help this world. Those answers will come. Don’t be selfish though. Because that lends itself to evil. Our world was never meant for selfishness. Nor was it meant for others to be taken advantage of. Look at this world and see it for what it is. Look at the things you can change. But first of all look at yourself. There are so many blessings out there and within yourself. It is undeniable. You need to see that as a human and you need to stop hurting your soul. It’s time to wake up. And to stop hurting others.
We realize this message is not needed for everyone and we send blessings to many of you who are on your correct path filled with light and love and beyond. Who are the wayshowers, lightworkers and so on. We see you helping, and it is so needed.

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