Anastasia and the Children

Channeled Message Day 23
Our heart hurts for humanity. And the children see everything. They are our teachers. We want to thank them for being here and for being divine. They know how to help others even when it is not easy for them. They always do it, no matter what. They are the strength. I’ve never known or seen more strength that I have recently working with the children. They know when to ask for help. They know when to lend a hand. They reach out to you for a reason. And it’s not always for them. Many times it for you. They are here to teach us lessons. Many men lose their way, many women as well. Unfortunately it has happened over eons of time. I will tell you the truth. The children are tired of it. They are in your ear and you need to hear them. They are speaking to you from every realm possible in order to get your attention. They are on the ground and they are in the sky. And what they say is “enough is enough” When the children speak, I listen. And you must do so as well. Nothing is ever going to change if we don’t.

**Photo is called “With These Naked Hands”

2DSC_0225BW K

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