Channeled Message Day 22
It’s important to look after yourself every day in so many ways.  Self Care, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation, Prayer, Fresh Air, Fresh Water, a Relaxing Bath, Sunshine and Laughter with a Joyful Heart.  Take a walk near a waterfall and feel the specialness of it.  The way it makes you feel, what it allows you to see and to sense.  In it you can see visions.  You can see and sense things you might not otherwise do.  Many things in nature allow you to do that.  Listen to the wind, we are there.   So is your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul.  Birds sing songs for you.  Only for you to hear.  The songbirds of nature.  They rise for you.  Mountain fresh air and the vastness of the valley.   Swimming water of the sea.  Tides shift and change under the moonlight.  The embers glow across your face from a starlit sky.  As the sun always rises every day with a brand new cause in a brand new way.  Helping us to find our way.  Across the land and sky above.  The freshness of the air and the greatness of nature always helps to change up the energy of anything, anywhere, at anytime.  No Matter What.

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