Channeled Message Day 20
The light shines upon our souls to bring us out of darkness.  To heal from past experiences  Sometimes we put up a wall of protection due to past experiences.  It can be difficult to open back up.  Sometimes it cracks your heart wide open.  It can be the best in people or the worst in people that can crack your heart.  It’s difficult in this world.  Some people don’t have good intentions.  And that hurts.  It feels like they rob you of your soul.  And sometimes your spirit.  Sometimes even the best intuition doesn’t even seem to work.  But always remember it’s to always important be a good person.  Just because somebody hurt you doesn’t mean you can’t move on.  Trust that you will find the right people and that right person for the right reasons.  Love is that reason, true love.  Whether it be romantic or otherwise.  There are many levels of love and you can find that if you are honest within your heart.  Trust and have faith but always be careful.  Be considerate of others.  People are human and have hearts.  They should be able to trust you with their heart.  And that you would never lie to them.  Always be honest and have integrity.  Don’t prey on other people for their hearts, their money, their sympathy or otherwise.  It hurts the people who are trusting.  Who want to share their knowledge wisdom and love for real.  You were created on this Earth to be real not to be fake or pretend to be someone else.  It’s important not to get caught in illusion but to use discernment.  Love will shine again.  It is always possible no matter what.  It might not always be easy but it is worth it.  One day that person will come knocking on your door so to say and you will just know.
Amaterasu 11-30-19

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