Isis ~ The Children Want to Speak

Channeled Message Day 17
Isis ~ The Children want to Speak
Today the children want to talk.   We would like a nutritious life.  We are worried about the sustainability of our lives.  We are part of the circle of life and we are included in here for a reason.  We love our parents and we know our parents love us.  We would like a sustainable future.   Rice is the staple of our lives with it we will never go hungry.  It is nutritious and safe for our bodies and it is filling.  There is always enough to go around.  Rice mean love.  It’s a virtue of sharing and means companionship.  We see you in the world and we pray.  We want to help with the pure clean water as well.  It’s a necessity for everybody and dignified human right.  How can we help you?  Pray to us because we are here.  Like Jesus taught us, be kind and generous.  As we pray tonight, we pray for evening grace.  Not only to Jesus but to Saint Jude so that we want for nothing.  Jesus loves you and so do I.
Love Mary and the Children and the Grace of God.
jesus 11-26-19

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