Channeled Message Day 16
The Goddess Eireen
We are gracious for God and God’s love. Give your cares and you worries to Heaven and trust in them and the Divine Timing. We all realize it may be difficult sometimes but if you stay on the side of LOVE it will all work out. Sometimes it takes a little time. With patience, virtue and love we will get there. Focus on what you need to. Don’t be concerned about what comes in. Stay relaxed and open. Listen and think as clearly as possible. Try not to let the ego self get in the way. While it may not always know your higher self is at work. It’s a merging and a blending so we can be out best self, heaven on earth. Take time to pray, to meditate and to write. Sometimes it might seem like your imagination but never allow your imagination to scare yourself to death, use it to inspire yourself to live. This is a beautiful life.


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