Channeled Message Day 14
Dana the High Priestess
Your wisdom is far beyond the realm of limited thinking.  It’s like crows medicine.  The eagle flies in order to communicate.  We carry messages through to each other through realms.  It’s like alchemy.  You really have to listen internally.  Spirit speaks.  As does your soul as does your higher self.  When you speak you teach, when you listen you know.  There are all types of communication from ancient time until now and beyond into our future.  Some people speak with signs and symbols, some through smell, some through taste.  It’s a sense of communication worldwide.  Heaven on Earth and through the Universe.  We communicate in many ways and through many forms of existence.  We touch each others spirit, each other soul and physically we touch to communicate through a handshake or a hug.  Physical touch is important because it brings Heaven to Earth, like when you kiss someone on the forehead, it has meaning.   From God’s lips to your ears.  We vocalize things in many different ways.  Through a smile or a song.  Everything has meaning.  Everything has passion.  You can tell your secrets to the wind and it will hear you but it’s better to communicate to that person what you really want to say.  And you will always find a way to do that.  Remember Heaven on Earth though because we are part of both realms and everything in between.  It’s about balance.  The crow couldn’t fly if it wasn’t balanced, nor could it speak words of wisdom.  That’s why we touch our 3rd eye for clarity.  In the realm of 3, each one supports each other, no one is without love.  That’s how and why it works so well.  Each one works in harmony with each other.  Each one supports, each one loves, it’s the triad.  True life wouldn’t exist without it.
Goddess Dana

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