Maat Jehovah and Delilah

Channeled Message Day 12
Egyptian Goddess Maat, another aspect of Mother God, goddess of integrity and fairness. She unburdens you from your guilt so that you are treated fairly and honorably.
Maat here offering an olive branch of peace.  We work with a God named Jehovah.  He is “God the Father”  and he goes by different names to keep the peace in the Nation.  He really is Father God though to us and we didn’t need inferences to names thinking the word “God” was enough.  When Jehovah chose his name, his wife also chose hers as well, they chose them together out of love and respect because they are never separate.  When they chose their names she chose Lila, she goes by many names too.  The one she chose then was Delilah.  Delilah Rose.  It means peace.  And it has a definite sense of love.  God the Mother and God the Father, they aren’t separate.  People seemed to take her out of the bible because they seemed to have an attack of consciousness.  But if you look she’s still there.  So many references about her, her love and so much more.  Sometimes you have to read and re read things to understand.  Don’t ever limit yourself.  And don’t ever limit yourself in understanding.  History really does explain itself if you listen, but you must not limit yourself.  So please unburden your soul and your thoughts but be gentle.  We love you.

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