A Heartless Woman

I need to unburden my soul.  Going through these channeled messages, knowing what I’ve known all my life and remember eons of time during this lifetime bothers me to my very soul.  How humanity changed.  How we became affected.  It sickens me to think how it got started.  We were on another planet in the Universe while God was designing his mind.  This one idiot fell in love with and Archangel.  I call her an idiot because that’s what she is.  Back then we still had the sanctity of marriage, divine counterparts.  Societies where we would all get along.  For some reason she didn’t agree with it.  I’m trying to do this to the best that I can though words that will help me tell the story and get it off my mind.  She bothers so many people.  She didn’t honor true love.  We had people who were very much in love with each other.  If a person says no, it means no, leave them alone.  It’s one thing to have a conversation and ask questions.  That I feel is important but to be a true homewreaker and wreak the lives of others because you didn’t get your way is beyond belief.  It causes so much harm and grief.  I could go on and on about the stories.   I can’t understand why she would not let go.  I call her the devil because that’s what she is.  The more I remember sometimes the more it sickens me.  I know there is a beautiful side to life but sometimes it gets difficult because I just can’t stand for the things that she’s done.  While I don’t know the exact words in the conversation just yet, I know that this Angel told her no.  I’m quite sure she was given an explanation.  There are people our souls are born with, people we belong with out of love, true eternal love.  I don’t know who she was supposed to be with or what happened but somehow to me she refused, and to me it feels like she blamed God.  So instead she tried to harm everyone.  It sickens me that she would not let go.  She intercepted and used our skills / God’s mind and used the skills for evil because she is  jealous and she doesn’t want to let it go.  She blames everyone.    I can find no other reason for that.  It sickens me.  We were always meant for peace and always meant for more.  This was never meant to happen.  She became like a psychopath on steroids.  I’ve gone back and forth over it for 6 years specifically and almost wish there was another answer because I can’t always wrap my head around this, how someone could be so heartless.  She’s such a liar.  She hunted down this angel for eons.  Whether he was human or in the universe.  She follows people around on this earth thinking he is that one angel.  And she won’t even give me a reason why.  She doesn’t even know what true love is.  It’s obsessive.  She has hurt me to my very soul because of what she’s done.  It’s a heartless addiction.  I can have peace in my heart, but I needed to unburden my soul.  I’m tired of all the lies.


True Love and Togetherness

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