The Divine Sophia

Channeled Message Day 11

The Divine Sophia with the Christos White Light of protection honor and faith.

Love is the answer, Love is always the Answer.  Prayer, the power of protection and the power of connection.

Yarn means unity, and we are all united.  We are a land and a world of purity.

The light is sacred and so is your soul.

Remember this and we will show you  the way.  There are divinely braided bracelets in our honor to assist your soul and  in our connection.  See the beautiful Christos White Light one below.  They are listed on ETSY specifically designed by us.  More of them to be posted soon.  If you are looking for a specific one ask Heather.

We are true to you always, with great love, honor and respect for all you have gone through.

We trust there is a better way.  Humanity is important and love must return.  Your wrists are sacred.  These bracelets will protect you and connect you.

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming it’s not religious but it is important to us throughout the world because we love and support you.

Think about the gifts you will give and the love you will share.  Think about what’s important.  We love you.

Christos 2

Rendition of Love (8x10)
Rendition of Love

4 thoughts on “The Divine Sophia

  1. Love is always the answer – no matter the question or situation. Love is the grandest healer. Thank your for sharing your insights and pearls of wisdom, Heather.

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  2. “Think about the gifts you will give and the love you will share…” That’s truly where it’s at, Heather Maria. Thank you for this beautiful and uplifting message. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I really appreciate that. ♥️


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