Holy Amethyst day 10

Channeled Message day 10
Holy Amethyst here. I am the matrix. Archangel Zadkiel and I are looking for you to heal from the past. We have had to do some major house cleaning and there is still more to do. I am an angel, a goddess and an ascended master. I work with Lady Portia, Lady Nada and one of the highest ranking Archangel’s Ariel. Lady Ariel has a lot to say. She’s another aspect of Mother God, more to come on that soon. I weave through the skies with Lyla. I am a beam of light. We want you to always feel safe in the physical form. Call on us to help you with the miracle of life. At this present time you are moving beyond current challenges but many of you remain unhappy. You have the ability to use your thoughts. Don’t forget about love, true love and self love. You have to love yourself and you have to forgive yourself. This is the golden time to do so as we reach our our hand…take it. It is the Remedy. You’re going to physically and emotionally exhaust yourself if you don’t and terrorize your twin in the meantime. Take myself Amethyst and Zadkiel as an example. We love each other, we trust each other, we listen to each other. Take that as a cue as to what to do. We are twin souls. It is our dream for this world to return to what it is supposed to be. Your twin never let go and you never let go of your twin. Just trauma got in the way. As for twin souls some of you or most of you can’t remember due to the traumatic events that have happened to you. It’s difficult to face them so please do it with love and support. We don’t want you to re injure yourself or you twin. We know you don’t intentionally mean to do this but we find that this is occurring and reoccurring. You need to take better care of yourself. If you have questions or need help, ask Heather here
because she is here to help.
November 19th, 2019

Holy Amethyst 11-19-19

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