Goddess Isis – a message for men and women

Channeled Message Day 9
The Goddess Isis with a message for men and women.
The men would like to speak today.
In the hearts of a man we must know the truth
Spirits have affected us for far too long
In the heart of a woman we are sacred
It’s the spirits that made you abuse us
The spirit of a man loves the soul of a woman
Women are not to be possessed
Honored & cherished treated with respect
And we as men have been possessed for far too long it’s time to let go and heal
But you must believe
It would be better if you would believe in Mother god the divine in order to remember and heal
It’s the house of Maria, Maria that is Mother God Ma-Ria Mother Time, Mother Reality, Mother Health, Mother Wellness, the mothership , in /on there you will find grace dignity independence and more, love kindness peace and a reason to live, joy optimism strength, comfort compassion and most of all love. Self love, love of others and a new found love for this world. Visit often
RiA also means Rise . The morning sun where you will find fresh waters, clean air
Here’s a suggestion for you light a candle when you wake up, say a prayer or write down some thoughts in a journal. If there is anything that comes up for you ask that it be heal, question it. Hopefully they are all good thoughts. We send angels to be with you.
Get up and wash your hands with healthy soap & water.
Or you can get up wash your hands and then light a candle. It’s important the help get rid of anything you are holding on to. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Be sure to include your wrists and neck.
You will also find sensitivity, a reason to your own your mind and your heart a reason to talk.
You can also turn on on a salt lamp in the morning.
Drink a healthy glass of water and teach your children to do the same not the candle as to be safe but as in washing their hand and face brushing their teeth and drinking a glass of water.
With Love and Kindeness
Isis, goddess of love and compassion

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8 thoughts on “Goddess Isis – a message for men and women

  1. Lots to absorb. Thank you for this channel

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    1. You are very welcome thank you for reading


  2. Thank you for message, Heather Maria.

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  3. Lovely. Great wisdom.

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