Aphrodite day 8

Channeled Message Day Number 8 Aphrodite the One and Only

Kwan the Swan with the Black Rose of Wisdom – it is the SAGE 11-17 with TRUTH

In the eyes of the Law we talk about what is necessary for the world in order to clear it.

This world was supposed to be about love.  We’ve had many thieves along the ways.  In order to clear that we tell the truth in the Halls of Heather.  Let me tell you why we tell you this.  Heather is truth.  It is the Red Rose and the Purple Lily.  We angels are supported by it, we all are.  As long as we stay in truth and the real truth today means to clear the religious system in more ways than one.  It might take some time but we are moving right along.  Kathryn who spits blood is better known as the Devil.  Not everyone needs to remember but the lines need to be cleared because she shouts it out through various sources.  God intervenes so it is not always her as in what you hear.  Stay with God and you will know.  It’s important to clear the system and we all need to do a better job.  She has blamed Father the God for far too long.  It weeped into your system via your consciousness.  Going through history she has been a man and a woman.  She was Jack the Ripper, she ripped through the lines of ancestry better known as Chloe because she stole a name of an Angel only in heaven, not of this earth.  Unfortunately most of them reside, or resided in California creating attachments and causing destruction.  They seem to bod together in ways across the world. They tend to use and abuse earth angels who are here not only to clear it but to live out lives where we are supposed to be.  Many “baby bumps” along the way and that’s why some people still feel lost, it continues to create division in deafening ways.  They don’t want you to be you soul or your true love.  They are the Valery, the Chloe, The Kristina, Kirstina (there is a colony of them), Valery and Chloe cause sexual about of children, they are child rapist and murders.  You can’t always see them but they are there phycally and energetically may times through the Jeaninne we previously told you about.   They fool you sometimes because it’s like a wolf in sheeps clothing. El Diabla style.  In the sign of the devil.  We know you hate hearing about it but it needs to be repaired. Valery affected the Christian Faith (the Kristina/Krishna)  or better known as the Demon Kirstina aka the Devil.  She ripped through blood lines as well. We have been on the hunt for year…so please don’t ever feel like we are not doing anything for this earth. because we always have.  And the churches don’t want to tell the true story yet that’s where they have their hold.  It’s like the “holy ghost”  only it’s the devil you can’t always see.  I never want to scare any one but for some that’s why when you go into a church the evil creeps into your consciousness, sometime you remember, sometimes you don’t, but it clearly affects you.  For some you won’t go into a church because you know the devil resides there.  For some you connect with such beauty of it it cleanses your soul and you remember only the good.  And we wish that to take affect on all people so we are looking for a better way.  We are working with the system and for years it has been working to work against us.  Over the years these women have gained access to God in order to survive. It’s always about pretend.  They attack men in vicious ways and make them lie, murder, kill and rape, worst of all baby rape and then they lie about it.  The pretend to be angels and to love angels but they don’t and they aren’t.  In the sign of Augustine/Augustus, one is also named Audrey, she keeps you under here control.  They all work with mind control which we’ve erased most of but keeps running through the lines because we are finding more.  For many of you you understand that 2012 was a shift.  Many were scared and fearful of it and out came the demons.  They are still being gathered to this day. In the light we shall shine.  We still have a lot of work to do.  We are asking for your help, keep your eyes out and it you could report what you see and know to God in anyway you know how or feel comfortable with.  It might not clear otherwise.  The angels are hear to advise, but by God go to God and any Saint you feel comfortable with, but make sure it goes to God, even if you don’t feel comfortable with it, try it.

It’s a tower moment if you do.

Love the one and the only Aphrodite, only one, no fakes here.


***** The Goddesses promise to come through with channeled messages every day for 63 days / 9 weeks, until at least January 11, 2010

Stay tuned for each message, how it relates to you and how it relates to the world.

As a suggestion after reading each message, take some time to journal.  Write down your thoughts, meditate from your soul.  See what comes up for you.  It will be extremely helpful as Jan 11th arrives.

Those messages will be posted here on my blog as well as on my social media sites.

** 2020 is set to be the Year of the Goddess.  Heaven has sent more offering through me as a way to pass messages specifically to you.  See what I have to offer in my blog “New Offerings From Heaven”  https://heathermaria123.com/2019/11/06/new-offerings-from-heaven/  The Goddesses are offering yearly guidance, throughout the whole year, month by month for you all at once.

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