Quan Yin the Kwan

Channeled Message Day 7 on the 16th of November

Compassion and the Bird with a Tale to Tell

In the halls of compassion we have a story of Love.  Jeannine the Wold has died.  The perception is to tell you a new story with a shade of Grey.  Ashes to ashes dust to dust.  4 wolves to die in order for you to rise with a 5th one hidden.  It’s called the Kristina the 5th wolf.  It tried to kill the bird with compassion, and when I mean kill I mean kill in order to survive.  We must reverse it and kill it instead so that we can find our true selves.  Don’t let Jeannine fool you nor Christine.  The Heather AKA the Quan has compassion but in the eyes of Justice we will not be fooled.   Your roots turn old and grAy due to your consciousness which turns back to Grey with the light light.  The Color Heather Grey is significant in the Halls of the Rose which is almost always Red.  In Buddha in the land of Tara also known as Heather in the tale of the truth never told, or not that we remember.  ( We as a society / ONENESS) Life, Life exists – give it time and space – within that you will find the truth which resides within you to have a heart of Gold in the halls of Heather The Purple Rose of Heaven or rather Mother God., which soon the Angels will tell about what has been written and what has not been written along with God the Father, The Black Rose of WISDOM.  As the Irish Legend tells It sings the Remedy through the Eyes of HEATHER (Hathor) The Black Rose Rises and Master Jesus is born in the Mediterranean along with THE MARY, and that’s why we meditate.  It’s in the Atlantic Ocean because we are specific as to why it’s been lonely.  It’s been eerie with the Jeannine in the way it might change her name sometimes but it’s still a Wolf Kirsten, Kristina, Christine, Kirstina, Vanessa, Valery, Chloe and James to put a name to it.  They are also a coyote with peyote which is evil.  They’re on the hunt to destroy.  If they connect you, you know why.  Be careful who connects with you.  She has a lot of names in order to destroy.  But in the Eyes of God Heaven and Justice we are The Kwan and we are here to help .

The Angels, Justice and ALL

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