The Soul of November 14, 2019

Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of the soulful book that was released January of this year. “Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections & Affirmations for Women” by Dr. Debra Rebel invites you to embrace your courageous heart, tap into the wisdom of your soul, and see the beauty in all aspects of life so you can love yourself and others through it all—one day at a time. This uplifting book features 365 days of sacred reflections & affirmations from Debra and inspirational quotes from women around the world. Published by Linda Joy.
“All women have an innate wisdom that, when shared, has the power to inspire, empower, and support other women on the path.” ~Dr. Debra Reble
When I looked at the date my quote was placed I knew it was perfect.  I knew it then and I know it now, with deep gratitude.  The Angelic Realm and God know what they are doing.
“Her Inner Fire edged out like a sword sweet and free, it stretched from the inside into the outside world ebbing and flowing with light.”  Written 5-4-2017
Embrace Change
Inner Fire (4x6 crop)

soul 11-14-19

soul 11-14-19 2

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