Tara November 14, 2019

Channeled Message Day 5
Tara of the Earth and Tara of the sky.  Maternal wisdom coming from her Native American Soul
The Tale of 2 Wolves, the tale comes from my soul.  Once upon this earth there was a tale of 2 wolves.  One attacked the others consciousness through no fault of it’s own.  The energies shifted on the earth and It basically attacked itself but the other one was there to help.  It’s what we call divine counterparts.  When one is ill, the other one feels it.  This has stayed within our soul out of love.  The way we reincarnate and remember was meant to be easy but this journey on earth has been long and difficult.  As we get back to our roots, that wolf tends to reappear.  Some put it at bay, some don’t, the lucky few heal it completely as we all should.  The wolf has made it’s way through our consciousness.  Collectively we all need compassion.  Our roots lie in the Native American soil, All Of Us.  We are all One but when you feed that wolf it separates us.   You might feel fine on the surface, but check in with yourself.  If you are feeling lust, greed, apathy, fear or even anger, check in and ask why.  Which wolf are you feeding?  Or which part of you needs love, support and understanding?  The Wolf is your spiritual consciousness.  It can either support you or destroy you if you let it but it doesn’t have to be that way forever.  As we go through our past lives, we see things we don’t like, normally it clears itself, but if that wolf appears and we don’t attend to it, it can manifest in the wrong way causing us harm.  Send it love and let it know it’s alright.  You can put your hands over your heart and offer it forgiveness.  Sit with it as long as it needs and with yourself as long as you like.  We all need compassion in order to move forward into our next journey.  Sending you love and peace, Tara.
As a side note we’d like to share with you this.  A Quote by Heather in the Book by Dr. Debra Rebel titled “Soul-Hearted Living”
“Her Inner Fire edged out like a sword sweet and free, it stretched from the inside to the outside world ebbing and flowing with light”
soul 11-14-19
Today is about Change
soul 11-14-19 2
Inner Fire (4x6 crop)

***** The Goddesses promise to come through with channeled messages every day for 63 days / 9 weeks, until at least January 11, 2010

Stay tuned for each message, how it relates to you and how it relates to the world.

As a suggestion after reading each message, take some time to journal.  Write down your thoughts, meditate from your soul.  See what comes up for you.  It will be extremely helpful as Jan 11th arrives.

Those messages will be posted here on my blog as well as on my social media sites.

** 2020 is set to be the Year of the Goddess.  Heaven has sent more offering through me as a way to pass messages specifically to you.  See what I have to offer in my blog “New Offerings From Heaven”  https://heathermaria123.com/2019/11/06/new-offerings-from-heaven/  The Goddesses are offering yearly guidance, throughout the whole year, month by month for you all at once.

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