The Goddess Danu

Channeled Message Day 3
This message comes from the Goddess Danu
In the Halls of Wisdom the realm of thought and the realm of reason are accessed.  In order for our minds to properly obtain the information our minds are freed though the process of interrogation, in order for rationalization to be realized and ascertained we must be willing to let go of what we thought was the truth and see things for what they truly are.  See you for who you truly are.  We are each individualized souls walking on a moonbeam to recorrect our path and get out of the way of fantasy land into the realm of reality and reason to see things from the correct perspective.  In the Halls of Wisdom we honor truth.  And it can be recognized by what we face each day as we look in the mirror.   What do you see?  And who are you?  Where do you belong?  Do you know?  These are questions that will be ask and will be answered.  Ask them and they will be asked of you to distinguish you from right and wrong.   The air of arrogance is not important to our souls.   You will understand under this new Full Beaver Moon.  Cords will be cut to redistribute the energy properly and retie our bonds to this Earth in natural form.  What this Full Moon Frost brings in is going to solidify us for the future.
She stands with the gemstone Sodalite meaning solid ground.
Goddess Danu Sodalite

***** The Goddesses promise to come through with channeled messages every day for 63 days / 9 weeks, until at least January 11, 2010

Stay tuned for each message, how it relates to you and how it relates to the world.

As a suggestion after reading each message, take some time to journal.  Write down your thoughts, meditate from your soul.  See what comes up for you.  It will be extremely helpful as Jan 11th arrives.

Those messages will be posted here on my blog as well as on my social media sites.

** 2020 is set to be the Year of the Goddess.  Heaven has sent more offering through me as a way to pass messages specifically to you.  See what I have to offer in my blog “New Offerings From Heaven”  The Goddesses are offering yearly guidance, throughout the whole year, month by month for you all at once.

Heather Maria ~ Reiki Master

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