Channeled Messages Day 4
The Goddess of Birth, Death and Survival.  One of the most indepth Goddesses.
November 13th  The Fires of the mind hold the truth.  We have a prospect of perception in the realm of thought.  As our conscious minds evolve our hearts need healing.  Recollect and memory cause pain due to what we hold.  Our minds have been tainted by the past.  We do appreciate the way you do work thought things and we wished there was an easier way.  You have to let God back in.  Please listen to the truth of what the Angels say.  They will speak though Heather as will we.  She was chosen because she is one of us.  Life, Birth and Death does not escape us and your remembrance of reincarnation needs to be explained.  We feel that from the majority of humanity.  Ming will say more about this in 2 days. Tara and I agree as she will speak next.  In the Realm of Emotions and Subliminal Messages we do speak the Truth.  There is a however, what you hear is up to you.  Don’t feed that wolf.  For some of you your mind cannot handle all thoughts and emotions at once or correctly.  The wolf takes it as Tara can explain tomorrow.  Know that we love you and that’s why we speak.  The Angels will also say more.  You cannot hear us properly.  You must listen and hear the truth.  This goes for most of you anyways and there are many of you who do listen but do not always rationalize it properly.  You have to listen to what we say not what you want to hear.  You hear what you want and your using it to a disadvantage.  It affects society and humanity and the truth.  You feed that wolf and it’s not fair to others.  It’s not justified.  In the Realm of Thought you need to change.  God is with you but you are not listening.  Some of you are refusing to listen because you continue to feed that wolf.  Be aware of your thoughts.   A storm is a brewin but in a good way.  It takes time to clear out a consciousness.  But you cannot feed that wolf.  In closing we’d like to say thank you for listening.
Goddess Kali
This ring and the stones in it was chosen as her signal for the Native American Aspects that coincide with our truth as it began
Chalcedony means Fire
Lapis Lazuli means Spiritual and Consciousness
Citrine means Inner Traits (that belong to all of us)  I AM
Heather Maria

***** The Goddesses promise to come through with channeled messages every day for 63 days / 9 weeks, until at least January 11, 2010

Stay tuned for each message, how it relates to you and how it relates to the world.

As a suggestion after reading each message, take some time to journal.  Write down your thoughts, meditate from your soul.  See what comes up for you.  It will be extremely helpful as Jan 11th arrives.

Those messages will be posted here on my blog as well as on my social media sites.

** 2020 is set to be the Year of the Goddess.  Heaven has sent more offering through me as a way to pass messages specifically to you.  See what I have to offer in my blog “New Offerings From Heaven”  https://heathermaria123.com/2019/11/06/new-offerings-from-heaven/  The Goddesses are offering yearly guidance, throughout the whole year, month by month for you all at once.

Heather Maria ~ Reiki Master

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