White Calf Buffalo Woman

Channeled Message
White Calf Buffalo Woman with a message of sacred symbolic symbolism. The prophetesses of the sacred way. Unified without division in our hearts and our mind so that we always offer with kindness. With the sacred way we have found the departure of the sky unbeknowing to us have haunted us for years. This is a sacred reminder to never be blind. Truth is coming. The way of the women and the showers of the man creating ever lasting life. The eternal soul free of damnation. Hell has paid a toll and it lives no more. The past has been relived and through it what filters out is what was never ours. Our Nation, our People, we, you, us, together, we are one. In this time it is a reminder that we were always one, one nation under the Creator. One that has always been bountiful. You have lost your way upon this earth. The disconnect creates deep pockets within your heart, cracks and tears that make it difficult to remember. We must repair our hearts in order to receive. Let the light in as a way to remember God. Lest we forget, we will always live in darkness. The type of darkness that is not kind. Our prophetic ways show us a way to see. What we need is Christ in our heart again. This is not meaning to sound religious nor is it against anything that is. It is true love in the way it was always meant to give. Your soul is sacred and so it shall reap the harvest so near. As you approach yourself, remind yourself of who you are as you humble yourself to your heart. We gather in circles around you with jewels of the earth to offer you again in peace and in existence. Pay attention to the forth coming signs as they appear to you from near and far. To be continued tomorrow 11-11 with more messages.

November 2019

White Calf Buffalo Woman

In the photo below is the Divinely Blessed Braided Bracelet created for White Calf Buffalo Woman Divinely Guided by the Goddess herself. It is made of coral rose, mid green and black. She is a Sage in her own right. The bracelet means peace along with wisdom of the earth. The Native American Way for which we all originated under the Creator. Native to this great land of ours. Bracelet is available for $17 plus shipping.

White Calf Buffalo Women

available via ETSY or you may message me https://www.etsy.com/listing/752111579/white-calf-buffalo-woman-divinely?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1

Yarn means unity
It unites you with the divine and your divine self. It creates balance.
It weaves together your spiritual & physical life creating a balance mind body spirit and soul.

***** The Goddesses promise to come through with channeled messages every day for 63 days / 9 weeks, until at least January 11, 2010

Stay tuned for each message, how it relates to you and how it relates to the world.

As a suggestion after reading each message, take some time to journal.  Write down your thoughts, meditate from your soul.  See what comes up for you.  It will be extremely helpful as Jan 11th arrives.

Those messages will be posted here on my blog as well as on my social media sites.

** 2020 is set to be the Year of the Goddess.  Heaven has sent more offering through me as a way to pass messages specifically to you.  See what I have to offer in my blog “New Offerings From Heaven”  https://heathermaria123.com/2019/11/06/new-offerings-from-heaven/  The Goddesses are offering yearly guidance, throughout the whole year, month by month for you all at once.

Heather Maria ~ Reiki Master


6 thoughts on “White Calf Buffalo Woman

  1. Beautiful message of oneness, Heather. Thank you for sharing the insights and your gifts. Many blessings to you and yours.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your insights, Heather Maria. Looking forward to reading more.

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  3. We must repair our hearts. Thank you. Amen.

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