Timely message from Father and Mother God for All. November 2019

Today’s message comes from God.  2 main messages and 2 additional messages.  The Stag, Father God appears on your path.  I feel like this part of the message mainly goes out to the males, but if it resonates otherwise you will know.  “Are you held back by pride, low self esteem or many even arrogance?  We are asking you to be proactive with your life. To be the person this world needs.  To be a good father, a good son, a good brother, a good husband,and a great companion.  To lead with compassion.  There is a humanitarian in each and every one of our hearts.”  Mother God and I ask you to think about being your highest self.  “What is in the highest best interest of all?”  You can set that example.  The Stag/Father, leads you out of the most difficult places, to a place where you can be truly proud of yourself, not the type of pride that is detrimental, but the pride knowing how far you’ve come.  “I will always lead you to a higher place with a sure and steady footing.”  Lady Nada is here as Mother wants to and will awaken Hearts.  Awaken to the acceptance of Divine Love, for it was never not there.  Give and receive in balance.  This is for the whole world to understand.  Lady Nada of the Heavens, Lady Nada of the Universe, along with the Angels and God, “Today we need good leaders who are responsible and compassionate regardless of male of female.  Leaders in your life and those who are in service to the world” (which in effect is all of us)  Lady Nada is an Ascended Master who allows us and assists us in allowing our heart to expand, revealing a true, real and naked aspect of our soul.  Open your heart to us and you will find what you need.  2 additional cards and messages, Increased Awareness, trust the Deep Connection, Trust your inner voice.  And Know that your consciousness is expanding, soul expansion, you understand the connection between all things.  Know that your relationships are being brought into harmony on all levels of your life.  Be sure to give and receive divine love with yourself and all others.  It not only makes for a better world, it makes for a better you.
If you need any type of additional assistance, please let me know. ~ Heather Maria

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