November 4th HARMONY

November 4th, 2019.  Every day has a certain feel to it along with certain meanings. I woke up today connected to the Universe and influenced by the angels to use my Angelic Realm cards. Today’s message is not only about Harmony it comes from the Archangel Harmony. View the card for more information and message. 4 is the harmony of nature. It is also the nature within us to create accomplishments. Today the alignment of the Sun, The Moon, The Earth and Uranus are working together. Uranus works with the power of the sun and the moon for Earth and all of us upon it. Uranus creates change without change and without forward movement and progress we remain stagnant. Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, very productive sign that is also intuitive, creative, authentic, realistic and humanitarian. Uranus brings about much change to Art and Science. This is especially the work of the Antarians within the Universe. With the influence of Uranus we are innovative, open to discovery, looking to create inventions. It is an exciting time. It’s a balance of the spiritual with the physical. The Universe with the Earth. Heaven and Earth. And the Angelic Realm supports ALL…the Universe, the Earth, Heaven and us all.
How does this resonate with you? Over this year we have been asked to dig deep into our heart regarding our soul paths. What is it that you want to do about it? Now is the time. It is important to take action, but never forget your balance. Keep your chakras aligned, head, heart, soul along with your body. Keep up with your physical wellness in order to thrive. If you’d like to work with me in any way please let me know.

Harmony (2)

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