History of the abandoned Trans-Allegheny Asylum

This past weekend I made a trip to upper Michigan. A place where I visited before. A place where I found my past. It’s a area close to my heart. See I feel we are all drawn to where we need to go, need to be, always for a reason. It’s important to chose to follow that path. Within that path we find ourselves, hidden in past lives. It’s the nature of who we are. It never leaves us.
I see the beauty in making this world a better place. To focus on what was, what is and what will be. What could be…if we all take a chance. If we all follow our path with dignity and grace to stretch far beyond ourselves.
This weekend brought me solace, it brought me peace. it brought me inspiration. That not only trickles down but trickles out.
On my way home I was thinking about the places I’ve been and I was reminded of this particular trip to West Virginia. It brought me back “home” There is always a way to do good in this world. If I could change all of it at once I would. It’s especially important to remember to be kind. Remember compassion.
There are so many men and women who have walked through our lives with dignity and grace.

As I re read this blog I wrote 5 years ago, it still holds so true to me.

Human rights are not something that should be debated.

With care and compassion we can change the way things are. If you have even the slightest way of making a difference, believe you can.

I have a vision, many visions for now and the future. I pray everyday they get implemented. I pray every day for an easier way.

What things are you drawn to? Maybe your past lives are trying to tell you something.

Heather Maria Photography

My journey through the halls of the lost but not forgotten.  Abandoned buildings hold the secrets within history. Tales unfold as stories are told. Photography captures the visual of what once might have been.

Built in 1858 with good intentions through the Kirkbride Plan to treat the mentally ill humanly, the Trans-Allegheny Asylum was closed in 1994 due to many years of poor treatment and patient abuse.

Not knowing exactly what to expect, as I pulled up to the building the architecture was breathtaking.

asylum architectureasylum architectureasylum architectureasylum architecture

The asylum, now a National Historic Landmark, was designed in the Gothic Revival and Tudor Revival styles.  It is the largest hand cut stone build buildings in the US and the second largest in the world with only the Kremlin being slightly larger.

asylum side viewasylum edge view

Asylum window

Asylum corner viewAslyum windows

The clock tower was constructed in 1871 with three sides to tell time and the rear one left intentionally faceless.

asylum clock towerasylum clock faceless backside

As I entered…

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6 thoughts on “History of the abandoned Trans-Allegheny Asylum

  1. I love old buildings and often wonder about their history. My mother tells me that, as a child, she used to want to paint all the old buildings — I want to renovate them. It must run in the family.

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    1. We are all connected in some way, especially through our family lineage. Sit with your soul, it may have stories to tell you ♥️♥️


  2. I love historical buildings, as well. I’m glad you were able to spent time in Michigan. It is a beautiful state. I agree, it’s wise to follow our path with dignity and grace and stretch far beyond ourselves. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom, Heather.

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  3. With care and compassion we can change the world! Beautiful!

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