Woman Uninterrupted and the Synchronicity of Life

2019 has been the most interesting year.  A year full of inspiration, connections, synchronicity and faith.  Each month has brought something different.  This past September brought in energies like I have never seen before.  They were based in creative inspiration and change.  Akin to the breath of new life.  Much can be homage can be given to the influence of the Moon.  The Full Moon and New Moon each brought something powerful.  It was especially this Full Moon on Friday September 13th and that weekend.  She shined brighter and more powerfully than ever before.  Archangel Haniel played a huge role.

This weekend was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  It started off with a Sound Meditation near my home.  It was something I had come across on Facebook.  It was hosted by local business owners who I later learned own a beautiful crystal shop.  They created an evening directly under the Full Moon.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced.  The sound was incredible as we all lay quietly absorbing all the energy.  I experienced things in a way I had never experienced before.  I felt my mind expand, I connected within and to other realms in a way I had not experienced before, full of pure magic.  It was transformative and created change.  I had been feeling Dragon Energy that week and during that sound meditation they appeared in a profound way.  Their energy is amazing.  In every day life it can be difficult to shut out the noise and fully feel that type of energy.  The energy that fills us with life and creates change.  I left that meditation to see the Full Moon in all her glory shining above me.  I received a new sense of hope and peace within.

The following day I attended a Woman’s Retreat.  It is something that I wanted to do for some time.  It’s important to experience different adventures in life.  Maybe the timing wasn’t always right but this year was different.  At the beginning of the year I promised to myself it would be.  I have been led in such a way by my intuition, higher self and the Divine that has lead to great change, wonderful opportunities and experiences.  Synchronicity has always been important to me.  When we are led or lead ourselves in that type of way, magic occurs.

Six years or so ago I met a woman who “introduced” me to “The Mary Group”  I started to follow them online and listed to some of the group calls they offered.  The Mary Group are a group of Spirit Beings who embody Jacque Nelson to be a Channel for them to share their wisdom.  During those six years I never attended an event hosted by them.  Everything changed this year as I was Divinely Guided to attend this Retreat.

It was hosted at the home of a beautiful woman.  Leading up to this day, I had been seeing posts on Pinterest that attracted my attention.  They photos directly resonated within my soul.  They were portraits created by Frank Howell.  Frank Howell (1937 – 1997) was one of the cornerstone artists of the Southwest Native Art Movement. He was known for his finely rendered, etching-like portraits of Native Americans and their symbolic artifacts. His goal was to embody the dignity of his subjects and create a fusion of the physical and spiritual worlds – what he called, “The continuum of life.”

I love every single one but 2 that stood out are ~

I understand there is much depth to their meaning and my connection to them.  When I arrived at Maggie’s home I was almost stunned to find that her home was filled with the works of Frank Howell, these very portraits that were shown to me.  It was fate that I was there.  Maggie’s home and her spirit resonated deeply with me.

The women that filled her home that day embodied true women living here on Earth.  Truly warm hearted and inspirational.

When we gathered to being the day Jacque began by reading an inspirational poem.  Something for me that was directly connected to the woman who introduced me to the Marys 6 years prior.  The first time I read it was when I attended an event celebrating International Woman’s Day.  It is titled “Imagine a Woman”

Imagine A Woman

We need to celebrate ourselves as women and women in general.  It’s about bringing honor and respect back into this world.

After the poem was read and we introduced ourselves we were encouraged to write our story.  When we arrived there were words cut out of magazines for us to look over and choose.  The ones that resonated with us we placed in an envelope not knowing at the time what we would be doing with them.  I quickly chose 6 of them that resonated.  Later we  were to chose one photo of a woman that resonated with us.  We glued that photo on a board and arranged the words upon the photo to tell a story, our story.  I set the words on the photo and they automatically arranged themselves.

woman uninterrupted

I chose the photo because it reminded me of my grandmother.  Which also reminds me of myself and how the Divine see me.  The words that immediately came to mind were Elegance, Grace and Strength along with the words “I can do anything”

This is the story it tells:  Pure Love energizes me so that I am unlimited with adventure which is required to fly for this world.

I am here for a reason and ready to fly with freedom.  I am energized by Divine Pure Love ready to explore the world in a new found way.

During this day I profoundly connected with my soul.  I am a lover of the Divine and always acknowledge the Divine Being that I am.  I also see how being Human is not always easy.  There is and needs to be a balance.  However for me I can see how I feel so much better when I shift more into my Divinity.  I am here for a purpose and what the purpose entails is to shine my Divine Light.  And as the Mary’s said… “tell my story”

So many things were impactful that day but the most important thing I took away from that day specifically from the Mary’s was to “tell our story.”  How important it is to share who we are and our own story with others.

It’s also about listening.

After we wrote and shared our stories we went outside to honor ourselves, the earth and the 4 directions.  During “earthing” I felt that graceful energy of mine return.  I stood there barefoot in the grass listening to nature as the crows called out to me, one of my animal spirit guides.  Maggie then led us in the 4 directions exercise and we danced.  The dance itself led us to our partner to pair up with for the next activity.  I asked that I be divinely guided.  While I would have been honored to work with whomever I was chosen to, I felt I was specifically guided to where I needed to be for both of us.  It was an exercise in listening.  My partner and I were in sync with our thoughts which presented a wonderful energy.  On a piece of paper were questions.  It was to ask you “who are you”  and goes on to ask you “who were you before that”  “and before that”  and so on going back as you can possibly go.  Tuning in and speaking filled my soul with love.  As the questions were asked, the one asking them was asked not to speak or respond in any way, just listen.  It was about honoring being heard.  Something that is missing in this world that is often times to hectic.  After stating who you are it was about asking who you are in this world and why is that important.  It makes you really sit and think.  It was a blessing to be able to express myself to another and then to see how similar and connected we were as she also stated her responses.

After gathering for a nutritional lunch we had the opportunity to explore nature in an area behind Maggie’s home.  I allowed myself to be lead and really listened.  As I reached the end of the path as to where I was going there was a noise.  It was 2 huge Owls flying off.  I was drawn in by all the magical trees that surrounding me.  As I walked toward one I looked down and saw this incredible feather.  About a week before I had been seeing many post online about feathers.  I had never actually found one before.  I felt like it was not as if I needed the sign or a message but I thought maybe it would be nice to receive one.  I was given a vision of a feather soon after.  In amazement the feather at my feet was the exact feather I had saw in my vision.  I felt the magic and acknowledged my path.  As I walked to another tree, I again looked down and saw a perfect little acorn and heard the words…this is for you.  It was a beautiful magical nature being.  Her spirit and energy was infectious.

feather acorn sept 2019

After the walk we ended the day with a powerful woman’s circle.  As we sat out in the grass we honored each other, our dreams and our thoughts with encouragement one by one.  We laughed, we sang, we danced.

It was then that I promised myself I would follow my dreams…no matter what.  Sometimes things get put on the back burner for various reasons.  I was specifically that weekend and throughout the month that I was shown visions I had only dreamed about and more.  I know the Divine believes in me and that’s what helps me the most.  Sometimes without that belief and support I don’t know how I’d get by.

The moral of the story is to know who you are and to not only share who you are, but share your story.  We are all individuals on connected to Oneness.  The Thin Red Line as Mary Magdalene calls it.  I directly thank this Goddess for being so intricate in my life.  She has encouraged me more than ever lately.  I appreciated every vision and idea that has been presented and look forward to sharing all of it with you and the world.

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With Love,  Heather Maria


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The Mary Group https://www.themarygroup.com

You may also be interested in Jacque’s personal Mary story in how this began.  I enjoyed it very much.  http://www.thehealingcommunity.org/2019/09/spirit-connections-podcast-with-jacque.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR0JUf421b80YQO4pXGyjNzIulTYAfo0E8Ztrc7GF9urOGqtbEJhYnbfaqg

It was fascinating to see her and The Mary’s in person.

For anyone local in Wisconsin, Angelic Roots specializes in crystals, crystal art & jewelry, reiki and sound healing therapy based in Oak Creek.  They hold the wonderful healing sound meditations.  https://www.facebook.com/angelicrootsmke/

6 thoughts on “Woman Uninterrupted and the Synchronicity of Life

  1. What a powerful and inspirational story Heather! I feel uplifted by your words and I too, have gone through a powerful transformative shift during the month of September especially around the lunar events. I love your quote: “…to know who you are and to not only share who you are, but share your story.” My blog this week also tells a chapter of my story and it is important that we share so others can be inspired to share theirs! Much love and blessings

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  2. This has certainly been a year of growth for you Heather Maria! I suggest you also explore Sound Healing with Jonathan Goldman. I think it will resonate with you and your gifts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “We need to celebrate ourselves as women.” I so totally agree.

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  4. Beautiful! What wonderful experiences you had – thank you for sharing. I co-facilitated a local women’s group and we read that poem more than a few times – it is so powerful!! Sending much love and blessings for your continued journey! Gratefully with love, Jenny

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  5. Life is an amazing adventure, isn’t it? With growth comes wisdom and insights that can only be gained through experience. Thank you for sharing your story, Heather.

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