The Care Of Creation

September 1st, 2019

This morning I saw a post, a tweet, from Pope Francis, that caught my eye, caught my attention.  It said…”This is the season to reflect on our lifestyles and to undertake prophetic actions.”  It came with a link.

My heart stopped for a moment as something resonated deeply.  I had been reflecting upon the seasons.  This past Monday someone posed a question asking when summer was over for us.  I reflected that typically it is over when it is meant to be over this year being September 23rd.  I had felt that since the beginning of Summer.  However I do know many people register summer being over at the beginning of September or as children go back to school and it being Labor Day Weekend.

During the week I felt an intuitive message that Fall was coming sooner than expected.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant  but I felt it.  It was “a changing of the season.”

For me I am very connected to the Divine as well as the Universe.  Being connected to the Divine and listening/connecting with my higher self, brings in a great deal of knowledge and wisdom.  I don’t follow “Religion” or the Bible as there are things within it that do not resonate with me.  I follow a higher and deeper understanding within.  I respect other peoples beliefs and always ask for them to follow what is right in their hearts.  You can find truth in almost everything.

I appreciated this post by the Pope because it is built on inspiration.

You can read his message here and see what resonates with you.  Maybe you can pass that message on.  At the very least, find something in it for you.

“This season of increased prayer and effort on behalf of our common home begins today, 1 September, the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, and ends on 4 October, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.”

“From habitable land to life-giving waters, from fruit-bearing trees to animals that share our common home, everything is dear in the eyes of God, who offers creation to men and women as a precious gift to be preserved.”

“We were created not to be tyrants, but to be at the heart of a network of life made up of millions of species lovingly joined together for us by our Creator.”

“This is the season for letting our prayer be inspired anew by closeness to nature, which spontaneously leads us to give thanks to God the Creator.”

“In the silence of prayer, we can hear the symphony of creation calling us to abandon our self-centredness in order to feel embraced by the tender love of the Father and to share with joy the gifts we have received. We can even say that creation, as a network of life, a place of encounter with the Lord and one another, is “God’s own ‘social network’”

“It is also a season to reflect on our lifestyles, and how our daily decisions about food, consumption, transportation, use of water, energy and many other material goods, can often be thoughtless and harmful. Too many of us act like tyrants with regard to creation. Let us make an effort to change and to adopt more simple and respectful lifestyles”

“age-old wisdom can teach us how to live in a better relationship with the environment.”

“This too is a season for undertaking prophetic actions. Many young people all over the world are making their voices heard and calling for courageous decisions. They feel let down by too many unfulfilled promises, by commitments made and then ignored for selfish interests or out of expediency. The young remind us that the earth is not a possession to be squandered, but an inheritance to be handed down. They remind us that hope for tomorrow is not a noble sentiment, but a task calling for concrete actions here and now. We owe them real answers, not empty words, actions not illusions.”

“Our prayers and appeals are directed first at raising the awareness of political and civil leaders.”

“every member of the human family, can act as a thin yet unique and indispensable thread in weaving a network of life that embraces everyone”  ** I know not everyone believes in or remembers God.  There can be variable reasons for this.  However I can tell you this sentence couldn’t ring any more true for Him.  I know without a doubt that “oneness” is of great importance to him.   And for those of you who resonate with, remember or know Mother God this is the same for her as well… the “thin red line” that connects us all.  All beings and creatures were meant to live here upon this earth in peace.  Happy, healthy, and alive.  There has never been a time in life when it hasn’t been important to make a change.  Let us all be more aware and conscious of that now.

“May we feel challenged to assume, with prayer and commitment, our responsibility for the care of creation. May God, “the lover of life”, grant us the courage to do good without waiting for someone else to begin, or until it is too late.”

If you would like to share your thoughts, or something that you feel you can do or a suggestion for any of us to do to make this world a better place, please do.

God thankful

6 thoughts on “The Care Of Creation

  1. I also feel that autumn is coming early this year. As for the Pope’s message, every day should be a World Day of Prayer!

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  2. On vacation I noticed a shift. A change of season is a good way to think about it.

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  3. I have been visiting London where it has felt like fall all week. I am so grateful to experience the seasonal change as it is very subtle where I live in San Diego. I pray for more peace, love and compassion in the world. Thank you!

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  4. I was standing outside and could feel the shift of seasons blow into our area. My friend, who stood beside me, thought I was off my rocker until I started pointing out the subtle changes in the clouds, trees and “nature”, and asked her if the weather still felt like summer or fall. She finally understood what I was expressing. Change is good.

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    1. Thank you for sharing 😊🙏🏻💜♥️💫


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