Calming Messages from Above

The last couple days I connected with the Angelic Realm for messages they wanted everyone to receive.  They have been calming messages and I believe they are asking for our patience.  The messages are simple but can mean the world to someone depending on who you are and how it resonates with you and your life.  It’s a general message that goes out to everyone.

The last 2 days I was guided to use my Angel Chatter Cards (they are unique cards created by Christine Alexandria who also connects with the Angelic Realm… you can take a look at her website here…her products are divinely guided and helpful…

Yesterday the message was… Trust…Trust that all is well. Open your heart to receive this inner knowing.

Today I was guided to use my Goddess Deck.  They wanted to give a message.

The message is Peace…”There is no need to worry as everything is working out beautifully.”  It comes from the Goddess Realm.  Eireen is here with a message, she is also known as Pax by the Romans.  The message comes from all of above.

“Even though appearances may seem chaotic, I assure you that a higher plan is in action.  This all-loving power is carrying and supporting you completely.”

During this time if you have any worry or concern, replace it with faith and self care.

Pray, Meditate, and or engage in peace enhancing activities such as yoga, salt baths, massage, naps, music, playfulness, nature or whatever suits you.


This message goes along with the message I received on Monday from Archangel Chamuel the Angel of self love along with Archangel Shamael regarding Water.  You can read the full message on my facebook page

I hope this helps in some way.  Please share with others who may need to hear this as well.

Take care and if you need anything from me I am here to support you and much more.  Take a look at what I offer.  If you would like to work with me in any way please let me know.  I work very closely with the Spirit Realm and am here to share that information with others who are in need and who are interested.

Heather Maria

6 thoughts on “Calming Messages from Above

  1. I always love confirmation. Peace is here for those of us who consciously choose it. Self love is a journey but well worth the effort! 🙂

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  2. I love these messages and always appreciate a reminder that all is as it should be. Thanks.

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  3. Love those 2 messages from the angela trust and peace so special and when we trust ourselves we come to greater inner peace 💜🙏💜

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  4. I’ve been getting similar messages regarding a big project of mine from the Oracle Cards and for me, your readings and messages are a validation that all is going to go according to plan. Thank you, Heather Marie!

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  5. Wonderful messages, Heather. Thanks for sharing the love, reminding us to trust and experience peace.

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