Divine Masculine & Feminine, Twin Souls, Energies and Messages ~ August 2019

Tarot 8-14-19 2

Yesterday was interesting.  As I woke up this morning I wasn’t sure which cards to use.  I lit a candle and tapped into the energies of today to see what messages came through.  I chose my Comic Tarot card deck and asked what we needed to know today, what was the message and here it what appeared.  Very fitting and thing that need to be said.
The Emperor, Ten of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles.  Take a look at the cards, not just the names but the photos.  I feel they tell a story.  And when I picked the first tarot card The Emperor I got the chills.  It tells the story of Divinity.  It may have a slightly different message/meaning to you personally but here is what came through for me.  Last night I spoke with and to the Universe.  I connected with my higher self, with Sophia, the Mother and many other being in the Universe.  I am always surrounded by my angels and Archangels.  It’s a type of meditation that I do.  We discussed the balancing of energies and how to integrate them properly.  I see the Emperor here as being strong, an overseer of things, and full of magic.  I also see complete balance.  You can liken him to Father God, Jesus, Christos or whomever is a strong Deity for you that you connect with or watches over you.  I also see softness in him.  I see that he stands strong for the Males the Divine Masculine as many have needed and need a lot of help.  Women tend to work on themselves much more than men, they tend to stand strong in different ways.  This Ten of Pentacles shows the man being strong and full of grace with the dove being depicted showing Heaven is watching out for them.  It just might take a little longer for them to integrate the energies.  Know that Sophia, the Mother and all the Women of the Universe stand with you, they are watching over you.  They seem be struggling more so of late.  More work needs to be done.  Know that you can walk through this earth being balanced and centered and full of grace.  Time to let go of any negative or harsh energies and past beliefs.  Its ok to be yourself, it’s more than ok.  Find those loving energies, find them in the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, your Divine Twin Soul, and definitely your own Divine Soul.  Change is not always easy but it is necessary.  As I went to write this I noticed that it was 5:55AM, 555 is a sign of change, a positive one.  Let go of Fear and know it is safe to be you and to truly live upon this earth.  To be happy.  Truly Happy.  And to be truly happy with your twin soul upon this earth for those of you who have their twin physically here.  Never be afraid to reach out.  You are both there to catch each other if you fall.  For twins, there are so much unconditional love and understanding there, it truly is beyond belief.  When you stand in your own power you cannot fail.  They are the one person you can talk to that will truly get you and they will make you a better person and you for them.  And when you shine your light together magic happens.  The Nine of Pentacles…Nine is a sign of completion.  This is also a sign of Archangel Metatron working with the Divine.  In the photo you can see her beauty, through her eyes, her body posture, grace, contentment, spirit, sitting with the divine gifts of nature and the garden.  Roses, a yellow bird, apples, grapes and a glass of red wine, she is also dressed in pink.  The women have worked so hard on them selves this year.  Many have truly come into knowing what self love and self care is.  Enjoying life and being there for oneself.  When you stand in that Divine Grace you can do anything.  It is truly Heaven on Earth.  Pentacles is the Element of Earth, meaning everything here is tangible.  It’s not just something that is out there in the spirit/spiritual world, it’s all tangible here upon Earth.  You have the wisdom and the knowledge.  If you feel like you don’t, find a way to tap into it.  I promise it is there.
What to you think about today’s message?
If after reading this you find you need any help or support I am definitely here for you.  It’s a magical time, don’t let it slip by you or ignore it.  Indulge in it.
Personal readings also available.  I would be pleased to work with you and help you through anything you need.  20% off every thing I offer this week.
Comment or message me with any questions.  And enjoy the day!
** after I wrote this as the message of the day for my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HeatherMaria123/
I decided it need to be a blog as well.
This message also came though.  It’s really about speaking to the men, males, to bring through their divinity, divine masculine.  And giving credit to the women who’ve done so much work.  It’s not a time to stand with your ego, male or female.
Men know you deserve so much more.  If you aren’t happy with your current status, relationship, life situation, it’s time to change it.  Don’t settle.  Don’t settle for the woman who has not yet met her divinity.  Pay attention to what’s out there.  Divine Love is what is important.  Don’t get sucked in otherwise.  If you need to work on yourself first do so.  Sometimes men don’t reach out in the way that women do.  It’s ok to ask for “help”… to ask for some assistance.  To talk.  To share yourself and ask your questions.  To really pay attention to what it going on for you.  It’s ok to heal it… it’s more than ok, it’s necessary.  Think about what is truly important to you.  Sit with yourself.  Meditate.  Call on your higher self and your angels.  Think from a different and higher perspective.  What do you truly want in your life.  Not what you thought you want, but what do you REALLY want?  Don’t sit with your ego.  It has told you many lies and possibly made you be a person you really didn’t want to be.  YOU have a choice.
If you want to have a chat about anything I offer consultations, via email or right now but up for offering possibly zoom chats.  I will say I am not a certified therapist but I am probably better than most of those out there because I really listen and I understand.  I have a higher form of understanding, a lot of knowledge and pure willingness to assist others in their life and on their journey.
And Women, if this resonates with you in any way, this is definitely for you as well.  There are messages for both the masculine and feminine here.  It all depends on where you are at in your journey and in your life.
tarot 8-14-19

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