20% Discount this week August 2019

In honor of this amazing Lion’s Gate Portal we just went though I am offering a 20% discount this week for everything on my website www.heathermaria123.com as well as in my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeatherMariaPhotos
Message me what you would like from my website and I will send you an updated paypal invoice or discount is already available on ETSY. So much inspiration has been coming in. Lots of upgrades and new life paths. I offer channeled messages, tarot card and oracle card readings, as well as a special spiritual package. Distant healing also available.
As well as all my photography, art, poems. Take a look and see what you like! More photos posted on my FB Heather Maria Photography Looking for something specific or special? Just ask!

This has really been a special year with fantastic energies coming to us all. As a photographer deep into nature, I always find it inspiring as well as healing. It always brightens my day. The sun, the moon, the stars, the Universe…we are all connected. God, Heaven, whatever you believe in, it’s there. We recently went though what is known as the Lion’s Gate. A very cosmic portal connecting us to the spiritual. The planet alignments, eclipses and so forth have moved us and are moving us forward. Lots of clearing out, upgrading and finding what is important to us. I have been inspired to work on creating things I’ve always wanted to do. Creativity and Art are natural to our soul. It always help us as it helps others. There are fresh new energies coming in and maybe you want a change. All photos and poems on sale as well as my spiritual messages. See what might come through for you!  

sale 19

Questions on anything?  Just let me know.

Want to share what you love or what you’ve experienced lately?  I’d love to hear about it!

Have a wonderful amazing week!

Heather Maria

4 thoughts on “20% Discount this week August 2019

  1. The energy certainly has been intense! I need some down time to process it!

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  2. I agree with you and Barb; the energies are certainly intense. It’s a good afternoon to take a walk out in the woods.

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  3. I am finally coming down off of the energies. I was doing a lot of energetic purging and felt exhausted. Now I’m moving into a much more joyous space!

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  4. I enjoy your posts — best of luck with the sale.

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