Communicating With Others

If someone came to you and had a question or a situation they wanted to discuss would you listen or would you turn a blind ear to it?
The reason I ask is that all my life I’ve been a good listener, I’ve been there for others, to listen, offer advice if needed, talk, show compassion and so forth. I never thought twice about it. It’s just who I am, who I’ve always been and how I thought it should be.
Growing up I was always very self aware & mature for my age. A wise old soul if you will. I mostly kept to myself but was there for others never really expecting much if anything in return. I never really felt like I “needed” anyone.
As I got older things started to change and I started to change. I wanted to expand my life and meet new people. I’m a constant thinker & I love to write & discuss things. However I’ve found that sometimes that seems like the hardest thing to do in this world.
I look back at my life & realize how maybe I should have reached out more to others for support & guidance. I’ve always felt confident guiding myself however I realize how if I might have had some support or someone to talk to I could have made some better choices for myself.
Now that I’m a bit older I feel a bit stuck with where I’m at. I know I can’t go back and change the past even though sometimes I wish I could.
I know I came back to this life for a reason, but it hasn’t been easy & didn’t always go as planned. I’ve had so many visions and plans that never came to fruition. It’s been a let down in many ways.  I tend to find a way to work through it but in that regard I wish I had someone to talk to that could understand on the level that I do. I don’t think I’m above anyone else I’m just aware of how highly evolved I am yet still with such human feelings & thoughts.
After feeling very isolated I reached out to someone six years ago, she didn’t know anything about me but she treated me with such kindness and respect. It helped me a great deal at the time. I wish there were more people out there like her & like myself.
Sometimes it feels like true kindness is hard to find. I see people posting about it online but I don’t always see them doing anything with it.
Over the last 5 years there are people I reached out to that either ignored me or dismissed what I was saying in some way. Sometimes I would ask a simple question, something that wouldn’t take a lot of effort to answer and I’d never hear back or would get a reaction I wouldn’t expect, maybe even a negative one.
I know that in this world I guess I can’t expect everyone to have the same heart as me, but I do and I don’t understand why not.
It’s been difficult to find people to talk to. It’s hard enough to find someone with the same interests as me whether it be in person or online. Sometimes I come across people like me who seem spiritual and knowledgeable and I still find it difficult to communicate with them. Or else everyone is looking to charge money. I completely understand we all need to make a living in some way, but doesn’t anyone want to just be or become friends anymore or just communicate? I don’t feel like I’m asking for much, just someone to talk to once in awhile that could understand from my perspective and maybe give a perspective of their own.
Just the courtesy of a response would be nice. Maybe they can’t help for whatever reason, maybe they can refer someone who can. I just never knew I was going to have such a difficult time making connections as I’ve had. To clarify I’m not looking to complain at all. I’m just trying to find a way to understand and see if others have had similar experiences.
Am I asking too much? What is your perspective on this?
Have you had any similar experiences? I’d love to hear your comments.
Maybe it’s all these intense energies bringing this up for me. I’m not sure but it’s things I have thought about on and off. I usually try to brush it off but this time I thought I’d try & write about it.
p.s.  I wrote this yesterday as I was really feeling it.  I decided to wait to post it.  When I woke up this morning I felt much better.  For some reason I felt unsure if I should post this or not.  Writing it down and thinking about it last night seemed to help.  Maybe there was a shift in energies as well.  In any case I know that my point and thoughts on it are still valid.
As I drew an oracle card today to write a message for the world on my social media pages as I typically do, today I drew Mercury and the message was open communication.  “Get a weight off your chest.  Speak up with love and be heard”  It was the perfect card.  I knew the words needed to be said.
So much of my life has been based on communication.  I see this world for what it is and it’s very difficult to see at times.  It’s been frustrating.  I wish I could fix every situation out there.  But if one thing is evident, it’s about how we all need to communicate better.
Be there for one another. At the very least just listen. Especially if someone takes the courage to reach out to you. It isn’t always easy to open your heart. It makes you vulnerable. Validate that by listening and giving them a response.

12 thoughts on “Communicating With Others

  1. Heather, thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve certainly had my share of ups and downs, looking back, guessing the future, and you’re right, listening, acknowledging is so important. I’ve had a couple of female relationships that brought unclarity — more giving then receiving. In my daily meditation for many months I’d ask myself, “Does this person bring me joy.” It cleared up a lot of those confusing thoughts, and led me to peace. And, your card today was perfect!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your comment. Meditation is so wonderful, it can bring much clarity


  2. So glad you chose to share it. Strikes me as a powerful decision to breakthrough old patterns. Together we really are so much more. Xo

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    1. Thank you Tara, I agree, thank you for your comment


  3. Heather Maria, What a beautiful card and message. I applaud you for the courage to share how you truly feel, to be open and vulnerable. I think there are a number of us who long for connection and deep relationships and they are not so easy to find. You are not alone. Have you tried joining a group of artists who are creative and love to express their creativity? Big Hugs to you.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I belong to some groups but have not found a real connection to anyone as of yet. If you have any suggestions please let me know 😍


  4. Being kind and able to communicate with others seems to have become a lost art. I think it’s time we put down the electronic devices and started talking to each other face to face and heart to heart again. It makes us better people in the end.

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    1. Very true, speaking from our hearts it’s what I truly wish for, listening from our hearts as well, thank you Barb


  5. Thank you for sharing such a raw vulnerable moment. You might have been affected by the geomagnetic storm that came thru that amplified our experience, emotion etc in a big way. Glad you are being gentle with yourself

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  6. I understand where you’re coming from, Heather, and I believe we need to be more open to people who might need to talk with us because that conversation might have a value for the speaker that we might not know.

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