Meditation as a daily practice

During meditation call in your angels, masters, guides & your highest self. As you meditate quietly or while listening to healing music allow your mind body spirit & soul to be at peace and to rest. When you are done thank your angels, masters, guides & highest self for their continued healing love light & support. Have a journal or notepad with you to write down any messages or thoughts you may receive.
It is important now more than ever to go into meditation as a daily practice. To connect with your angels, masters, guides and highest self who are now offering you healing more than ever. They are offering you a way to be your highest self, to integrate that into your daily life. It will bring a sense of freedom, peace, love and joy that you may have never known before. It restores your mind as you connect with your heart, your high heart & your soul. This will remind you of your path in life, where you are led and why. The angels have a saying to “remember your WHY”. When you are doing something ask yourself why & is it in my highest good. Never be driven by “ego” or any outside source. When you came into this life you choose a certain path for a reason. Know that reason & know your why. Over this life you may have become distracted or detoured from your path for one reason or another. Know that that path is never lost. Your angels, masters, guides, and highest self want to help you back on that path. Never be afraid to listen. Never think “ that’s not for me”. You may be on your path but you also might not be open to the full extent of it. Know that there is more. Never allow past experiences to affect you in a negative way. Let them go and listen to what the truth is. The knowledge is within your heart & soul, it’s always been there. Open up to it. Take time out of your daily life to find it., because it matter & it will make a difference. You will be much more happier for it. Don’t let any type of illusion continue to lead you or lead you astray. Find the happiness that was always meant to be.

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4 thoughts on “Meditation as a daily practice

  1. Some great ideas. I personally see meditation and connecting with the divine or Angel’s as two separate things. When I meditate, I surrender to the quiet… the silence. To be present to all that is in, through and around me. I sit and observe in pure awareness. Sometimes I include mantras, chants, prayers, or ask for divine guidance in a certain situation. Either way, I agree with you, meditation needs to be daily regardless of style. Thank you for sharing 💜

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  2. I agree, Heather. I meditate every day, as a sensitive person I need it!

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  3. I completely agree! A daily meditation practice of any kind is so important, and makes such a difference!

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  4. Thank you for sharing Heather.
    Meditation is important. I love the virtues you list in the blog.
    We need more of it today.

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