HARMUNITY – Core Fear Matrix Removal, Transformation Tool

A wonderful Meditation to focus upon especially at this time. Allow the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, and Spiritual Team of Guides assist you in releasing the fear based programming so we can all move forward.

Higher Density Blog

Published on Oct 3, 2017

Unlock Your Divine Potential: http://www.Harmunity.com

Spiritual Transformation & Ascension Tool〔4/10〕- Core Fear Matrix Remova

Ascension Tools MP3 Download: https://goo.gl/D9iJZJ

Note: Should be listened as a guided meditation for maximal beneficial results.

The purpose of this video series is to give you some powerful tools as you go through your emotional clearing process, during your time of personal transformation into higher evolution and elevated states of consciousness. We’re currently sharing an amazing time of expansion, ascension and growth, of which affects us all on deep cellular levels. These times have been described in the metaphysical circles as the great shift, the end times or the ‘Ascension’.

So what is ascension, and what does it mean? Ascension is basically a change in frequency, and a change in the focus of our consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. And since reality…

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