Deep Healing Work…You Are Powerful


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The deep healing work that you do now will take effect over the next few days & last a lifetime. Work with your highest self, your higher consciousness & your soul. Work to release any & all deep wounds from this lifetime & lifetimes before. Work on and release all traumas. Remember any possible ptsd can be due to soul loss. Work with your higher self & your angels on soul retrieval. Pray for the healing to occur. Things are moving along in this earth.
We are setting the stage for renewal. A time to move forward. Keep your vibrations high. Think of the foods you are putting in your body, use some movement/yoga/walking/so forth to release static energy, treat yourself & others with kindness & love, use high vibrational words to lift people’s spirits. Stay close to nature for all its healing effects. Drink lots of water, healthy tea & nutritional drinks.
And remember your thoughts are powerful, what you think you hear & so does others. Keep them healthy & keep them positive. Listen to signs & messages from yourself & above. You alone possess all you need to take care of yourself however if you feel you want or need help, please reach out. Too much suffering goes on in silence. Communication is healthy. If there is anything I can do or any way I can support you please let me know.

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The world needs healing and you can help.  Blessings to all of those who already do.

Have you received any intuitive thoughts lately?  Maybe something you thought about upon waking?  Any thoughts/tips on healing you’d like to share?  If so please comment.  Maybe you can help another.

With Light and Love,

Heather Maria

12 thoughts on “Deep Healing Work…You Are Powerful

  1. Love the Rumi quote and borrowing the health affirmation xx

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  2. I gave an angel card reading a few days ago and the many of these messages appeared. The importance of looking at diet and choosing organic foods, in addition to being optimistic and watching your thoughts. These are powerful times but we are powerful people! Thanks for your messages Heather Maria.

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  3. My favorite healing affirmation: “My body now restores itself to its natural state of good health.” From Louise Hay

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    1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I wish she was still around.


  4. I’ve been hearing similar messages from Spirit, and seeing some big healing crisis coming into my office over the past few weeks due to these energetic shifts. It shall be interesting how the incoming solar flares over the next 2-3 days affect us all collectively. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. After I read your post I received a message through music I was listening to, a confirmation that they were working on it


  5. I love the Health Affirmation and Rumi quote, Heather. Thank you for the guidance.

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    1. You are very welcome, I’m glad it resonates 💗


  6. I love the Rumi quote and appreciate your insights, Heather.

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    1. It is quite magical isn’t it? Thank you 🙏🏻


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