Calling all lightworkers and those willing to assist…

Many of us know that “lower vibrational energies” exist.  They exist with the intent to harm.  Call it what you will but it is pure evil at it’s core.  Call it darkness, demonic or the devil.  In any regards it exists.  As does God and the light.  I tend to speak more of the light so as to over power and to overshadow the darkness so that it may be removed for good.  Today I was thinking about why it still exists.

I put a message on Facebook to ask for thoughts and opinions on the subject.  I was thankful for one woman to bring up that she thought we needed to have light as well as dark, that they must exist.  I know nothing could be farther from the truth.  But I thank her for bringing up because it allowed me to think about some things.

This darkness (evil) must not and should not exist.  Many spiritual people/deities/beings, have been “preaching” about this since the beginning of time.  I don’t know where that believe system came from, but I believe it was started by the lower vibrational energies.  If we believed they needed to be here, it gave them more power to do so.

Many lower vibrational energies have been transformed, transmuted and sent to the light, however the core of it still exists.  I feel that is what we all need to focus on in order for it to be removed.

Today I received a message that the Angels under God put out into the world.  We are being asked to shift out of the darkness.

I also was asked to share that we need to pray for the core of evil to be moved into the light, removed, healed, transformed/transmuted.

This thing is on top of me constantly and I feel that I cannot do this alone, for as much as I’d love to.   I believe it is because we are all so connected and that it connects to our consciousness.

Many of us say prayers for many different things and reasons.  Prayer is wonderful.  It is helpful.  I love the fact that people pray for others and pray for world peace.  I just know that that is not enough to make a difference in this world.

We can and should always work on the good.  Good thoughts and good deeds always.  But the fact is that this evil will always exist if we don’t transmute the core of it.  As long as it exists we will never truly be free, be at peace or be healed.  It doesn’t want that, but you can pray for it to change.  You can pray for it to want what we all want.

I have been doing this a great deal and while it seems to help somewhat, it has not been powerful enough as of yet.  If we don’t transmute this energy permanently we will always struggle.  It as an entity creates illness, produces mental, emotional and physical torture.  Some may not feel it as much as others but it finds it’s way to everyone.  It causes unpure thoughts.  Thoughts that are not yours.  It forces people to do things they wouldn’t normally do.  It causes many people to commit suicide and commit murder and other vile acts.  We can try to heal as humans and yes we must do so but it will continue to torture us unless something is done.

I ask you to pray that it no longer exists.  You can pray to God, Jesus, the Goddesses, the Angels and Archangels, the Masters and Beings of Light, you can call on them specifically by name or collectively as a whole.  You can call upon your loved ones on the other side, your ancestors, the Native American Spirits, spirit guides, animal guides and so forth.  We need to raise the vibration of the collective.  I ask that you do this once per day if you can.  I feel it would be extremely helpful to put your pure thoughts and energy out there.  When we ALL care, we together can make a difference.

No matter what faith you belong to, your prayers are powerful.

Pray for this energy to stop.  Pray for it to want to stop.

Pray for it to accept love and accept the light.

Send prayers for it to understand.

Send prayers for it to allow itself to be healed and transformed so that evil will never again exist.

Pray for it to no longer fight the light.

Send it love.

Surround it in the purest of light.

In whatever way you pray, and whomever you pray to, do what resonates most with you and always allow your prayers to evolve if need be.

If you choose to work with the rays of light, purple/violet, pink, blue and white are the most powerful to transmute and transform.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel, Ariel, Zadkiel, Azrael, Raguel can all be called upon to help transmute this energy.  There are also many Elohim angels and beings of Light/Masters such as Lady Nada and St. Germaine, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and so on.  Again do what resonates most with you.

I for one thank you for your assistance and I know the world will thank you as well.

Once we get rid of the core forevermore to be nevermore, we will start to heal as a whole.  Otherwise it has us running in circles.

If you have any thoughts or prayers to share, please do so.

I appreciate you sharing this blog so that we can reach all of humanity.  We need to come together in order to make a difference.

Heather Maria

PS.. as note after reading the comments, seemed to focus on their “definition” or thoughts of what darkness is in contrast to the light.  Maybe I should have used the word “darkness” and just stayed with the word EVIL because that is what this post was about.  Darkness is an old terminology for Evil…Dark Entities, Dark Souls, Demons, the Devil, Prince of Darkness.  Many of of us old souls know this, at least I do.

The main focus for me is getting rid Evil energy, Demonic Energy and the Devil.  I realize there are some people that just do not have a true understanding of it…The Core of Evil and what it does.  If you’ve never been truly affected, maybe you don’t know.  But I am here to tell you we have all be affected in one way or another.

Besides asking for your prayers.  I am asking that if this resonates with you in such a way that you would like to work with me in some way to get rid of evil.  To shift, change, transform, transmute its energy and find a way to remove/eliminate the core of it, if you are one of those powerful healers, someone who has an innate ability, someone who has a true understanding of this, please contact me.  I’d love to speak to someone who understands on the level that I do.  Or at least someone who would be willing to work with me.  Thank you

I can see clearly

15 thoughts on “Calling all lightworkers and those willing to assist…

  1. Lots to chew on here Heather. I believe there is yin and yang. Light/dark. Without the darkness, we don’t know light. Without the light, we don’t know darkness. The darkness we need to face in my opinion is within and bring that darkness to light or bring the light to shine upon the darkness.


    1. Thank you for your comment however I will have to disagree with that theory that has been taught to many. Darkness is not needed. We are all beings of light, evil created that darkness within. Yes we need to release, heal and bring ourselves to light Because of the harm darkness/evil created. I know it might be a difficult thing for some to imagine, a world without the affects of darkness but it’s something this world needs to remember. There is no reason to have all this harm placed upon all of us other than the fact that it is evil that has yet to be energetic eliminated. It’s no way to live. I hope that this higher form of understanding comes to the collective sooner than later as I hope the same for this energy to be eliminated


  2. I so agree that we all need to come together in order to shine more love and light in the world and to be the difference we are waiting for. Thank you for this passionate appeal for love, light and healing in the world Heather.

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  3. I fully understand the lower negative energy entity removal part, Heather, and believe we have the power to prevent their affecting our aura and bodies if we follow healthy daily practices which include exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset as well as prayers and meditation. I remember a series Hay House did with Kyle Gray who gave some powerful short activities that one could incorporate into our daily habits. I pray to Hanuman whenever I feel something is off – I’m clairsentient.


    1. Thank you for your comment, I believe that as well, those things definitely help, they are things I’ve done for years, for many lifetimes yet still find myself being affected. I know without incorporating those things into my life & remaining true to who I am I’d probably be dead, sad to say.


  4. We come from light, we are light – able to transmute darkness, negativity and all things that do not serve us. Each soul must wake up to their divine inner light, and as we join together in love and peace – we WILL be the change we hope to see and experience in this world.

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    1. Absolute love, thank you for this powerful message 💜


  5. In truth, we would not know what light was without darkness to contrast. Still, I could live with more light and less contrast these days


    1. Like I said in a previous post I will have to disagree, we were born of the light & we are light, it’s too bad many have forgotten that & forgotten it because of the “darkness”


  6. To be human is divine. To “want”, there must be contrast. I am a believer in ying and yang ~ balance. My belief is that we are all doing the best that we can with the knowledge (and emotions) we have in this moment. Many blessings to you.


    1. To me yin & yang was always the balance of divine feminine & divine masculine not light & dark. I truly believe thee will come a time when people will remember & believe the truth. Thank you for sharing your belief it’s been very interesting hearing others perspectives & remembering the beliefs society was taught. It has been a rough road for eons & I do definitely know we are all doing the best we can with what we have at every moment in time. It will change & get better once the darkness & the fog lifts


      1. A concept that I maintain: what is deemed one label (evil, for example), is not considered that label (evil) to all humans. Or, another topic we could use is food. What’s one woman’s healthy food option is another woman’s poison. Ask anyone allergic to almonds, cinnamon, seafood, garlic and etc. It’s about perception. As many individuals share in their quest for peace on earth, when you state that you’re fighting against or “at war with” (war on drugs, war on hate, war on drunk drivers) the focus of attention is always on the undesired, unwanted thing the individuals are working to eliminate/end. With that said, I’m not saying that’s what you are suggesting we do or that’s where your focus is at. I’m simply sharing insight. I’m not sure how my reply triggered the response, “…divine feminine & divine masculine not light & dark.” I agree about the feminine and masculine balance. That was the intention; light and dark is an interpretation I didn’t intend. What I observe is that people are doing the best that they can with the knowledge they possess no matter the experiences they’ve had. That’s where my focus is. Sure I mess up and let loose the occasional emotionally charged burst of low energy, but who doesn’t? I experience it, see it as an opportunity to handle the situation better next time. After all, I am doing the best that I can in this moment. Truly, isn’t that what journeying to peace is? Learning and expanding from our experiences in a loving, healing manner towards a desired outcome. I wish you love, peace, joy and harmony.

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      2. I am only sharing my knowledge & thoughts as you are sharing yours. This is of no offense to anyone but I have a higher perspective of things due to who I am and what I’ve been though, this lifetime & many others. I work to explain in in the best ways I can so things can come to light. I wish light & love for this world & there is a reason it’s here. I know that we are all doing the best we can. I feel we are all here for a reason & we are all here for a calling. I’m working on a book that hopefully will help others to understand. I walk through this world wanting peace within a willing & desire to understand so I can make a difference here.
        Thank you for your comment & for your wishes. It is greatly appreciated. Light & love to you


  7. My belief is that there is only light, we are created from infinite light and love and we are light. What we experience as darkness is simply the forgetting of the truth of who we are, we get lost and we can use the darkness to wake up again to the light of who we really are.

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