Vibrational Energy Shift

The magical mantra of the day is “The Essence of who I am flows effortlessly into everything I create” This comes from the Goddess Saraswati, Goddessof Self Knowledge. She is part of a trinity including The Goddesses Parvati and Lakshimi. All 3 goddesses help the Hindu Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate the Universe. Pray to her to keep all obstacles clear. She is also considered a river goddess/feminine deity with healing, flowing waters and is associated with music. The white lotus symbolizes the purity and wisdom her energy brings. She is much needed in this Universe today and in this world. When we align with the essence of who we are, then what needs to be communicated through us flows. Whether it be words, music or art. When we take the time to return to the essence of who we really are and nurture that essence, we realign again with the river of expression that the soul generates. What we create not only transforms us but transforms the world. Saraswati leads us back into the finely attuned space where we can express with ease and grace what the soul desires most to share. That energy feels like a river moving through us. It heals and liberates and it inspires others to return to their own essence as well. Take a moment to meditate on this message and the card. Let it really sink in. I will continue to remind everyone that we can shift and heal this world. To start lets all make a promise to connect with the energy of Love each and every day. Always start your day off with beautiful thoughts and connect with the energy of love. Do this no matter what happens. It creates a shift in you and you can share that vibrational energy with the world. The world needs it. I ask that you take a few moments each and every day to say some prayer for this world. Add your beautiful thoughts out into the world and the Universe. Speak them silently, quietly, out loud or write them out in a private journal or share them with others along social media or where ever you can to bring beauty and magic to this world. 

There are negative thought forms, spirits, entities and low vibrational energy might come to you.   While I know it seems as if they want to cause you harm and it is very harmful to many people, awareness is important, to stand in your own power and not let any of it weigh you down in any way.  They need love.  Sending them love and sending them to the light will help to raise the vibration.  In a higher vibrational situation, they cannot exist.  This is why it is important to keep yourself healed and whole at all times.

If you feel that there is energy that you might not be able to transmute, always send it love and then call upon your Guardian Angels as well as the Archangels and send the energy/entity to God.

All of Divinity is here to assist but we too must do our part here upon this precious earth to raise the human consciousness.

Here are some things you can do to raise your vibration and put it forth out into the world.

  1. Meditation
  2. Being creative 
  3. Eating raw/whole foods
  4. Focusing on Gratitude 
  5. Feeling Unconditional Love 
  6. Being in Nature
  7. Prayer
  8. Using Gemstones and Crystals
  9. Yoga/Exercise
  10. Laughing
  11. Music/Singing/Chanting

Thank you and blessings

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