Be of Service to the World

Sharing this message from Colette Baron-Reid

The Daily Oracle – opening your connection to the Universe where anything becomes possible! This card, Hera (Alliance), is from my new deck, The Goddess Power Oracle.

Empowerment Message: The Greek goddess Hera, wife of Zeus, knew intimately that positive alliances lead to great power. At this moment, you’re magnetized to receive aid from people who have greater wisdom and can help you to the next level. Perhaps it’s a mentor who appears or someone “in the know.” Making connections with others and finding strategic partnerships are favored right now as you explore the nature of becoming empowered by association. This works well if you have a healthy sense of self-worth and if you are able to learn without diminishing yourself in any way.

Right now, Hera is supporting you to form beneficial alliances for the greater good of all. When called to action or faced with a decision, ask “How does this benefit me and how can I serve the highest good as a result of this connection?” You may also be called to give help to another who needs your mentorship. Give freely for only good will come of it. This is a wonderful time for all manner for connection and collaboration!

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collaboration 4-29-19


I have been thinking about collaborating and connecting with like minded individuals lately.  Looking for opportunities that I may be of assistance and service the world.

Enlightenment is needed all over the world.  If you would like to collaborate with me in any way to improve the health and well fare of this world, let me know if I may be of assistance.  Looking to expand my enlightenment.

And to expand the message of Love and Peace, not only to all of humanity, but to those who need it most.

Heather Maria

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