Believe In Your Magic

I woke up with a sense of ancient magic today so I worked on some sacred ceremonies and prayers. It’s important to do what you are called to do, what your soul calls you to do, it is connected to your purpose. I worked with the Gods and Goddesses on the other side in a powerful way. We work toward the goodness of this Earth, for itself is sacred as we are as is our soul. It’s important to find, to remember and to use our magic.
After the ceremony I pulled a card, as I did, I knew it was important to put this message out today. The theme of the card is “The Essence of all Buddhas” Knowing that we have the power to stay still in any and all trying times. For that is were we find our true strength. Our true selves and our wisdom. The message of the card is “I have the power to make each moment sacred. Everything is material for my liberation” Liberate your soul and find your TRUE SELF. Each and every one of us are magical. We were born with it. There is a song called “Promise” by the late Chris Cornell and the artist Slash. It says “the cruel world is gonna try and change you” “Promise me you won’t let them put out your fire” That is the message.

Today the divine feminine deity Vajrayogini comes to us to day to remind us of our magic, our powers, our fire, our passion, our elegance, our sacredness, our spirit and our soul. This is not just a message for females to resonate with, it is for the masculine divine as well. Never forget you come from a divine source and each and every one of us has what is true divinity in us. Vajrayogini is the power we all possess to transform mundane experiences into higher spiritual paths. She also has the ability to bring about immediate blessings to all who meditate.

The Supreme Deity Vajrayongini is a both a Tantric Priestess and a female Buddha.  The definition of Tantric is “relating to or involving the doctrines or principles of the Hindu or Buddhist tantras, in particular the use of mantras, meditation, yoga, and ritual”

Her red body symbolizes her inner fire and the flames that surround her represent her exalted wisdom.  Her 3rd eye reflects her ability to see through to the reality of all things in the past, present and future.  She caries the sacred knife, which cuts through all obstacles and illusions.  Know that you can do the same withing your mind.

In the photo she holds a bowl of blood which represents the bliss that awaits when we release the ego’s attachment to who we are. Know that you have the ability to transmute anything negative into a source of love. When we all work together to do this, not only will we have peace, but we will find Joy. 

She is here to help liberate us from ordinary conceptions and ordinary experiences so that we can see through to the truth of what exists all around us.  She’s her to make it loud and clear that we all possess our own personal power to free and save ourselves.  Her energy is sharp, intense and uncompromising.  She will not let you remain in an illusion about things or a disempowering story about who you really are.  She wants you to sever your ties with your ego and any drama in your life.  She asks that you see again with your 3rd eye…with the wisdom that can perceive the deeper spiritual path beneath the human drama.  

This red female Buddha power is the power we all have at any given moment of any given day.  Everything out there is rich material to elevate your soul.

I hope you all find this message valuable, please do share.  

Let’s all remind each other of our power, our magic, our abilities, and the messages that have come forth from a place deep within the Universe.  

This message message goes out to females and males alike.  When you work upon yourselves you will bring in a higher state of awareness and a higher state of being which in turn will turn you towards people of the same high quality.  Within that, know that sacred love will be revealed and you can always find your Divine Counterpart there.  There will be no room left for ego which allows you to connect with those that were actually meant to be in your life.

To work with me…


5 thoughts on “Believe In Your Magic

  1. Thanks for your wisdom,Heather Maria, we are all magic!

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  2. We all have Buddha nature within us. We just have to sit still long enough to hear it.

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  3. I’ve added to my knowledge with your post, Heather. I’d read about the one’s who come to escort the soul to Nirvana over a 49 day period in Robert Thurman’s translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Thanks for the empowering message.

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  4. I love the title – Believe In Your Magic! That says it all, Heather. Thank you for sharing this insightful post.

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