Easter Sunday Message 2019 ~ A message of Forgiveness

I was saying some prayers today on this peaceful morning as well as doing some writing. It might sound unusual to some but I talk to the Devil at times. He chose to create evil in this world for unreasonable reasons and his “thoughts” have outstretched into humanity as he thinks he is God. Destruction lays at his feet. Being the light being that I am, I know his ways. I told him he needs to find forgiveness and be at peace. Instead he chooses ignorance. I know that one day he will be removed from the energetic being that he his along with all his remnants, in the way that he has always wanted God and God’s love to be removed from this world and from life. It has been a constant battle. Good will never be defeated. We will continue to move forward as a whole and I for one am sorry it is taking so long. On this day I chose to choose a card from the Mary Queen of Angels deck. My beloved Mary & her connection to God always strong. May we all find forgiveness for the past no matter how it may have harmed us. We are strong and resilient. Today her card says “I am willing to release old resentments so that I may enjoy my life” Don’t be weighed down by guilt, grief, sadness, anger or any other negative emotion the “Devil” wants to keep on a loop. Forgive yourself and forgive others to set you free. When you forgive you erase the hate. Hate does not belong in a loving society. Don’t let Hate or the Devils doings into your heart. Say prayers of forgiveness. Find ones that resonate with you or just speak from your heart. Archangel Gabriel also has a message for you today to Open your Heart to Love. The more you open your heart and pour your love into your creations, the greater their life force energy. Give all the love you have to EVERYTHING you do.
“Out with the old and in with the NEW” Today and moving forward. May this Earth be blessed and everyone, every living being, upon it.

I ask that you share this message with others as well as messages of your own.

Heather Maria

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