Drumming ~ The Journey of a Soul

It’s a journey of a Soul to understand and remember.

Drumming brings about wisdom, healing, strength, raises vibrations and clears harmful negative energies, which is extremely important in order for this Earth and our Souls to move forward on the path that was meant for us.



Have you ever been part of a drum circle or a shamanic journey?

I’ve seen a shaman many times.  Sometimes it’s very powerful to work together rather than always working alone.  We would do journeys together.  When I first started I couldn’t always see what he saw but I did get glimpses.  I had my own way of knowing.

He would call upon his teachers and ask a question or questions for me.  It would work itself out in a vivid story for him.  It was always quite interesting hearing his version and recognizing what it meant for me.  We both found it very fascinating in our own way.

As he would beat the drum I felt it in my soul.  Many times it would call up the Native American Spirits who would dance.  It was and still is amazing to be able to see them do this and many other things as well.  I am blessed to be able to talk to them whenever I need to.  They assist in many different ways.  My connection to them, the music and the drums are very freeing, clearing and healing.  I feel that is the point.

We all have past lives.  We all have different connections to spirits which are helpful for many reasons.  They can give wonderful guidance.  They can help us to remember and to understand, which is our mission here upon Earth.


2 thoughts on “Drumming ~ The Journey of a Soul

  1. What a great experience. I have done many shamanic journeys and sat in Native American ceremonies with profound experiences. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

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  2. While I was researching the possibility of my Native American Heritage through my adopted mother, I experienced drumming with some of my teachers. It had a profound affect on me.

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