Food Heals

When I started my website and Facebook page I did it to help others with spiritual health, something very close to my heart and something I felt was missing or not strong enough in our society.  All my life I’ve been passionate about healing and finding a way in this toxic world that we live in.  Answers come here and there but I feel a lot of things have been masked over the years due to the society we live in.  There are doctors, farmers and the government who basically don’t care.  If they did, things would be different.  We have to educate ourselves, do the research and listen to our own mind, intuition and body.

While I have made changes over the years and put my focus on health, I didn’t stay as consistent as I should have.

Here’s my story.  I tell it in hopes that you get something out of it.  So you know you are not alone, I’ve been there, and changes CAN be made.

I came into this world being sick a lot.  Because of that I was put on a lot of antibiotics over the years.  It was and people still think it is the answer.  It’s toxic to the body.  Plus my nutrition wasn’t the best.  For whatever reason, I didn’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  We seemed like we came from more of a meat and potatoes family.  It happens.  We tend to eat like out parents.  Sometimes we have no choice as a child.  We didn’t have the internet back then and not so much knowledge was out there.  I felt like I was always struggling with what to eat.  I felt like a part of me knew but I didn’t know how to change it, to shift that mindset and to use food to heal at that time.

As I became a young teenager there was a time we needed to get vaccinated again, we had to or we couldn’t go to school.  I didn’t want to.  I just knew intuitively how toxic they were and how it was not good for me.  It’s something I will never forget, but I didn’t have a choice.  I won’t debate the use of vaccines because I understand the logic.  What I don’t agree with is how Toxic they are!  I started being more affected at that time.  From then on I started not feeling well.  I developed more fatigue, it was getting worse.  I did very well in school, but I was getting some brain fog.  I also started developing some wide spread pain.  That didn’t get as severe until my early 20s.  The bad thing about all of this is that I didn’t know what to do.

I continued to struggle with many health problems over the years.  I developed what I consider bad eating habits over the years.  There wasn’t as many options as there are now and I didn’t realize I should have just switched to a plant based diet.  Again something in my intuition told me so but everyone kept convincing me otherwise saying vegetarians weren’t healthy.  I will have to agree, some diets are not.  It depends on what you eat.

20 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia because of my symptoms.  They didn’t know what it was really and I feel they still really don’t.  It’s just a way to put a label on something.  First thing they wanted to do was to give me pills.  I didn’t want anything to do with that.  They said it was depression and I would get so upset because they wouldn’t listen to me.  I kept telling them I was not depressed, I just didn’t feel well and had a lot of pain.  I knew that wasn’t the answer.  So I looked for natural doctors.  It was difficult because insurance usually didn’t cover that but I knew the conventional doctors didn’t have the answers.  Along the way I tried many supplements, went to different doctors, would go for massage and acupuncture.  It would help but not to cure it.  I would get a little better, then it would come back.  I wanted answers but sort of felt I was doomed with this auto immune “disease.”  I felt like something kept attacking me, my system.  I would take supplements and vitamins and I still felt deficient.

10 yrs ago I started looking into my diet.  I started changing things.  I thought if I ate more fish and more wheat I would be healthier.  I even switched to mainly organic foods.  I started eliminated some things from my diet.  It was then that I realized that every time I ate wheat I felt sick.  I knew it was an “allergy” to it.  I confirmed it by getting tested.  I also realized I had a soy allergy.  I had that feeling as well.  That is one reason I felt that vegetarians weren’t that healthy from eating so much soy.  It is a genetically modified food that mimics hormones.  I didn’t realize at the time how toxic wheat had become over the years.  These farmers spray toxins on it to stop it from growing (Round Up) so that they can harvest it sooner.  It has modified the plant and it damages our soil.  After I was more cautious not to eat either one any more I started to feel better.  I had suffered from so many headaches and migraines and that started to heal.  I didn’t realize how much that had damaged my gut.  I also stared cutting out sugar and cutting back on meat.

For awhile I felt better.  But it was still not the cure.  My body eventually flared up again with a great deal of inflammation.  I started having such a hard time, I didn’t know if I could continue working.  This time I feel like I was guided to look toward alternative healing again.  I reached out to a woman who did energy work.  It’s something I hadn’t tried before.  I felt like I just wanted the toxins out of my body.  We worked though some different things, mentally and spiritually.  She also suggested to me to start taking the Juice Plus supplement.  I had seen it before but put it off.  I didn’t really want to pay the money for it and was tired of trying things that didn’t work.  I had spent so much time and money and couldn’t get to where I wanted to be.  But I went to a seminar about it and educated myself.  I tried it and felt much better on it.  It is all natural fruits and vegetables.  Something our bodies desperately need.

I stared waking up.  The brain fog lifted.  I became more spiritually in tune.  My body was healing.  Then one day I woke up and decided I needed to stop eating meat.  I knew I didn’t need it and that it was causing harm.  After becoming a vegetarian I felt so much better.  It was the best I ever felt.  I know this is an ongoing debate but I honestly believe and know that we were never meant to eat animals.  I know that in my heart and soul.  I truly believe it’s a myth that we “need” it.  Meat causes so much inflammation and has a lot of toxins.  If you don’t want to change you diet to not eat it, please take a look at the ones you are eating.  Organic is better.  What they eat, you are eating.  I just don’t feel it is healthy, especially with all these chronic diseases.

That was 5 yrs ago.  After awhile I stopped searching for so many answers and just lived my life.  I put a lot of focus into my spirituality.  It helped keep me balanced.  I learned a lot about the mind and how to balance and release many things.  But then again over the last year or so I felt my health start to struggle again.  OR maybe it was that I wanted more.  I had always been so sensitive, I had become more so.  Over the past year, I started dealing with more fatigue again and just not feeling right.  I know there have been a lot of energy shifts so I just chalked it up to that and rested.  I focused a lot more on self care.

Recently I felt something was missing.  I prayed and asked for clarity.  It was then that this documentary series was starting online.  It was about depression, anxiety, dementia and brain health.  I wasn’t having those symptoms but know many who do so I was interested.  I know I was guided to it for a reason.  It wasn’t just to gain knowledge for others so I could pass it on, it was something specific for me as well.

They started talking about gut health and how it is related to the brain.  I was so fascinated by the things they were saying.  I felt I knew many things but could not put it all together.  They talked about how we are severely affected by pesticides, herbicides and parasites.  A light bulb went off in me.  I knew they were bad for you but I didn’t realize how severely they affected your gut and how hard it was to heal from it.  That’s why I think I would heal at times and then it would come back.  I realized that over this past year or so I was eating out more that I used to.  I wasn’t eating the variety of fruits and vegetables I once was.  I was dealing with stress.  After stopping and watching this series I realized how that affected me physically.  I realized that you don’t always know what you are getting when you go out.  Even with fruits and vegetables, many places are not organic.  And then you have the GMO’s as well.  I feel like I became toxic again.

I also didn’t realize how severe parasites were.  They can be so severe that they can alter our behavior and even cause people to commit suicide.  They also rob us of our nutrition.  That’s when another light went off and I realized I felt that same way, no matter how much nutrition I was getting it didn’t feel like it was enough.

I listened to what these doctors and professionals had to say and did some research.  Deep in my heart I feel the core issue is in our gut.  Toxins and nutritional deficiency is the cause of many if not all the ‘diseases’ in our world.  If you don’t find a way to change your diet and your health, you are bound to get one or more of these diseases.  No matter what you’ve been though, no matter where you are at, the good thing is you can change and you can heal.  Believe that.

When it comes to parasites, it seems possible that most people have them.  If you think about the epidemic of all the different diseases we have, especially the auto immune ones, it makes sense.  I had done some research and found that there was not too much information out there to get rid of them.  There are food that help, but I was looking for something to eliminate them so I could heal.  In this documentary series they suggested Organic Mimosa Pudica Seed.  I ordered it today.

I also read that celery juice can help heal the gut.  I started doing that and after just a couple days I felt the difference.  You take the juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait 15min to eat or drink anything.  5 stalks in the juicer will give you a glass.  Use organic celery.  And if you don’t have a juicer, it is worth getting one.  I also take probiotics.  I had been taking them but I read that they might not help as much if you have an overload of bad bacteria.  The celery juice helps with that and also mineral or organic vegetable broth.

Know that you don’t have to continue to suffer.  Know that disease is not just part of old age that you need to accept.  You can do something about it.  You don’t need to live with these symptoms.  From this documentary I also learned that getting rid of parasites kills lyme disease, which is so hard to even detect.

Do some research on gut health and let nature and your intuition be your guide.

Those pharmaceutical pills don’t work, and if they do, even a little bit, it’s not much.  Or maybe they start to work then stop.  Plus they are all so toxic!  It’s just a band aid.  It never heals you.  Most of society is so conditioned to look to medication and look for that quick fix.  There is none.  You have to get to the root of the problem.

For you parents out there, think about your children.  Do the research.  Search your heart.  Think about it.  Make sure they are not on toxic overload.  Give them nutrition to heal it.  I don’t think anyone should have to suffer with the information out there.

If anyone is interested in the documentary series it is

As for the parasite detox I found it at

There is also a product on there called Carbon BioTox that helps with getting rid of the toxins from parasites and other things.

Also remember that toxins are not just in our foods, they are in the products you use.  All the personal care products, body products, makeup, laundry soap, dish soap, cleaning products and so on.  Read the labels.  Know what the toxins are and avoid the products with them.

I’ve done a lot of research and been through it myself, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Appreciate you sharing so we can help the world with more knowledge.


12 thoughts on “Food Heals

  1. Wow what a journey, yes I know that our food can heal as well as kill. My own journey to healing has taken me down many food paths and styles of being and eating, I find for me alkaline works best xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found something that works, being more alkaline is very healthy 😊


  2. The Ayurveda system focuses on the gut and digestive system in general, Heather Maria and I am not surprised that you’ve had health problems although I do feel for you and the poor health you had to suffer. God often puts us in situations where we learn in order to help others and I believe that is the case with you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I know I came back to this earth for a reason.


  3. What a life journey you have had! I went vegan 6 years ago and have never looked back. While I still have some physical issues that I deal with, especially as I get older and the damage I did to myself over the years comes back to haunt me, I rely more and more on natural alternatives. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Fab info and your transparency is touching. I’ve some more health homework to do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lore! I’m glad it inspired you!


  5. What a journey you have walked, Heather. Your transparency and story will inspire others to follow their intuition to seek the help they need to feel better. I’m glad your doing well and healing. Many blessings to you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I sure hope I can inspire others.


  6. Wow. What a journey you have been on Heather. I tell my clients what you ingest is either medicine or arsenic (metaphorically)/poison. Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What a powerful testimony to the importance of healing foods Heather. I have also been drinking celery juice in the morning and find it very healing, especially for detoxification and energy. We are very mindful about food in my family as there are many food sensitivities my daughters have and that has helped us commit to an organic and mostly vegan diet. Thank you for sharing your story and for this empowering blog!

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