Black Friday -Cyber Monday sale on ETSY

I am Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Healer and Artist.
As an intuitive empath and Healer I provide Divine Inspiration, Encouragement, and Knowledge which is meant to explain your life and inspire you to live the life you were always meant to live.  This is something I am sincerely passionate about.
I am extremely knowledgeable about the Universe, astrology, numerology, birth right, Oracle/Angel/Tarot Cards, Chakras, crystals, gemstones, this world and life.
I can help you with where you are at and inspire you to where you need to go.
The Angels and the Universe always have messages for us as well as Mother and Father God.
Right now on ETSY I am offering 40% off of my readings and spiritual package.
I am also a photographer specializing in healing art of nature and the angels.  All photos are infused with Reiki’s pure light and love.  They too are 40% off with free shipping.
Stop by and take a look at what I have to offer.
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