The Idea of Thoughts and Prayers

Everyday I pray.  It not only allows me to feel closer to my angles, Divinity, and the Universe, but it allows me to feel closer to myself.

Everyday, usually in the morning, I light a candle and sit in peace.  I allow my thoughts to come to me.  I pray for this world and everyone in it.  I ask for the angels, archangels, spirit guides, ascended master, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, all Gods and Goddesses, beings of light from the Universe, Galaxy and Cosmos and the Fairies to sit with me.  I ask for loving energies to be sent through the Universe to this Earth and everyone upon it.  I ask for a cure to heal us all.

I pray that any and all negative energies be transformed and transmuted into Love.  Love heals.  Love transforms.  And Love moves this world forward.  Love of self and love of others.  It creates change that no one can ever take away.

Loving energies is what will change this world.

And prayer is powerful.

Not long ago there was a shooting in California.  This man chose violence because he was “bored.”  He also mocked the idea of thoughts and prayers.  He wanted us to believe he was a “sane” person committing such atrocities.  No sane person chooses to murder a group of innocent people for no reason.

Everyday I pray that the violence ends.  I pray to stop these tragedies before they happen.  I pray and work on healing everyone’s mind that needs it.

Thoughts and prayers are wonderful no matter what.  They help us heal in a time of need.  When these tragedies occur, sending thoughts and prayers are always helpful.  Not only helpful, but kind.  That kindness stretches miles.  The pure love can be felt just from reading words whether they be from someone you know or a stranger.  Death and tragedies are never easy.  When we send light and love it creates a way for that soul to move on.  It shows compassion.

As an energy healer, I work with clearing and healing energies not needed upon this earth.  I perform ceremonies and rituals.  I feel we can all do our part.

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What can you do to make difference in this world?

What are your ideas of thoughts and prayers?

I want you to know that if any of you are suffering in any way or need any help or assistance, I have ways I can assist you.  I offer consultation, clearing, balancing, healing, as well as oracle card readings.  I am able to create a ceremony specifically for you.  It is something I am very skilled in doing.

Please either see my website for what I offer.

Or send me an email at so we can figure out what you need and what would best help you.

No one out there needs to suffer.

10 thoughts on “The Idea of Thoughts and Prayers

  1. You offer such a tender and powerful message, Heather. I’m in alignment with ALL that you wrote especially, “…Every day I pray that the violence ends. I pray to stop these tragedies before they happen. I pray and work on healing everyone’s mind that needs it. Thoughts and prayers are wonderful no matter what…”

    Let our prayers continue to go up so that blessings rain down for California and everyone suffering.

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  2. Interesting. I spoke recently at a church and I asked parishioners if they just say the words or do they embody what they say when reciting mantras or prayers. This is a good reminder for those to understand how powerful their words are. Thank you.

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  3. What a powerful and inspiring post Heather Maria! I love the line “that kindness stretches miles.” Indeed the benefits of praying are profound and I so appreciate you acknowledging that it allows you to feel closer to the divine and to yourself. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder!

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  4. A powerful post written with gentle words, Heather Maria. I pray both in the morning and before going to bed at night. It helps me stay connected with Divine Source in a world that has gone bonkers.

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  5. Prayer is powerful Heather. Your words a full Of somuch love and energy.
    We can heal the world with our prayers and thoughts. We can transform all the hate and violence to love.

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  6. I start and end my day with prayer every day. I also often sit in the late afternoon as the day is winding down and sit in silence, praying about whatever comes to mind that needs prayer. It is very comforting, especially if the day has been stressful.

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  7. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is a gift. Thank you for being a pray-er.

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  8. Inspiring post, Heather. Our words have grand power as well as our prayers. My prayer is ongoing as I acknowledge the things/experiences through out my day with gratitude. One of my favorite sayings is, “If the only prayer in your whole life was Thank You, that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

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  9. Thoughts and prayers are powerful, especially when the intention behind them is of love. Use them often!

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