New Moon in Scorpio

We have a new moon in Scorpio. It is an energetic moon.  This is an important moon as it brings out our spiritual nature. Our feelings are intense and we are feeling motivated to take action. I love a Scorpio moon as it can be filled with love and passion. Let that guide your way as you set your intentions over this new moon. It’s important to know what you want over the remainder of this year and going into the new one. Think many positive thoughts and envision them well. Envision them as if they are happening now. The Universe sees you. 

With our Sun being in Scorpio, a water sign, the Scorpio moon gives us a true gift of turning a dream into reality once you set your mind to it. 

Brought Forth As A Way To Understand
Brought Forth As A Way To Understand

This is the High Priestess card.  She is ruled by the moon.  She is a symbol of spirituality.  She is focused with a heart of gold.
The card asks that we remain balanced. When we have patience and use our intuition, all will be revealed. 

high priestess

The moon is made up of pure magic no matter what stage it is in.  Look up and believe.

Remember how ALIVE you are.

At the time of the New Moon think about all the experiences you would like to have as a Human Being here on this Earth.  Nothing is too big or too small.  Feel it.  Wish it.  Pray for it.  Then go from your Heart and work towards it.  You can accomplish and experience anything you set your mind to.  Always bring in the blessings of the Universe.  Allow it to bless you.  Think about all the good you can have in your life and allow it in.  You deserve the best in your life.


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14 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio

  1. Perfect timing and affirming message of “With our Sun being in Scorpio, a water sign, the Scorpio moon gives us a true gift of turning a dream into reality once you set your mind to it.” Right now, I’m moving through the editing process of “Book” to share with a development editor and Beta-readers in December.

    She got her launch party “dress” as the cover and spine were created this week by a talented Venezuelan graphics designer. Little did I know when choosing his winning entry in a book cover competition that he’s won several recent awards for book covers! The Universe is indeed conspiring to support the message of Book.

    Thank YOU for holding the light to remind me and others about this celestial energy. I’ll happily be sharing your post.


    1. Thank you and congratulations Lore! I love seeing the updates of your journey for this book. You have many angels around you as well as the support of the universe. The timing is right for those interested in using it. Blessings to you.


  2. Oh my, what gorgeous picture of the moon!

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  3. An interesting and insightful article Heather, thank you for sharing

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    1. Thank you Leila, I’m glad you appreciated it.


  4. Your post inspires me to reach for the stars!

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  5. I am looking forward to making my new moon intentions this afternoon. I even put it in my calendar! Happy New Moon Blessings Heather.

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    1. Beautiful! I said mine this morning. I had another beautiful draw of cards today. Feeling very thankful and blessed. Many moon blessings to you as well!

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  6. Love the energy of the moon and this post ❤ Thank you!!

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