The Truth in the Face of Knowledge

Do not bend in the face of Evil.  I usually do not like to say or acknowledge “Evil”  but that’s exactly what it is.  It’s been here for eons so lets talk about it.

It has affected us.  Why?  Because it wants power and control.  Why?  Because it thinks it “can”.  It thrives on chaos and disorder.  We can not let it win.

To know is to understand.  To understand gives us the ability to change.

There has been much damage done to us in the face/wake of evil.  Trust that things are changing but we need still need to heal and take back our control.  Control of our own lives without the influence of evil.  It might not be easy for some at first, but we must have faith.  Know it is not your fault for those of you who want to change.  God and the Angels hear you and are working on it.  This is why I write this message.

Evil has always found a way to interfere.  The harder we tried the harder it tried, creating a vicious circle, one that must be broken.

Evil wants you to suffer.  God, all of the Angels and Heaven above does not.  But Evil wants you to believe they do.  Evil wants to take them away from your mind.  Evil want to erase them from history.  It created lies and tried to affect them directly so you that you would be left all alone in your sorrow.  It’s when you feel lost and broken or vulnerable evil is there to attack.  Evil thrived off of making it worse.  We can’t allow that.  We must stand in our truth and stay in the light.

If there is ever anything that enters in a negative state, it is evil, evil’s doing, evil’s PAST.  I’ve seen many “teachings” that say we have a negative and a positive, that some believe is needed.  That’s a lie told by evil.  From where we originally came from there was no negative.  ANY type of negative emotion was build by evil.  That’s why there is so much talk about releasing those emotions.  They DON’T serve us because they never WERE US!

Remember that evil thrives on chaos and disorder so IT created what he wants us to call “mental illness”  It’s the Effect of Evil it is not an Illness.  The truth is we need to find ourselves again.  And this time for good.

I’ll be honest, when it comes to understanding it in such a way that is beneficial to us all, some men have faltered, not all but some.  When some men falter, they tend to bend to the ways of the world consciously or unconsciously.  It’s not beneficial to us.  We can’t believe everything that has been said or written in the past.  Remind yourself we need to understand and remember what is truth.  Evil would want you to believe you are crazy.  Evil would want others to believe that as well.  That’s where some minds falter.  We need a cure, a solution.  The solution is to eradicate evil’s effects upon our lives.  Then we can heal, mind body, spirit and soul.

Depression and Suicide was created by Evil.  Please know this is not your fault.  When you commit suicide evil wins, evil does not want you here.  Sometimes evil even pushes your hand.  Sometimes it’s too much for your soul and mind to take.  Don’t give up.  Don’t let evil win.

Wondering what to do?  Reconnect with yourself, with nature and with animals.  That helps to heal the depression.  Put as much love and light out there as possible.  Reconnect with those who love you.  Reconnect with your “soul tribe”  Reconnect with the True God.  Reconnect with your spirit.  Joy, Happiness and Laughter are our Sacred Emotions.

I want you to know that asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness.  It’s what evil wants us to believe so that it can isolate us in turn torment us further.  Without the respect to get some help for ourselves from ourselves or from others we continue to suffer.  We must in turn be honest with ourselves and with others in order to turn it all around.  There is no shame.  Shame was another thought/emotion created by evil as a way to isolate and torment us.

I will say this within regards to shame.  If you feel shame or guilt for something, Please forgive yourself.  Admit it, ask forgiveness (of yourself or someone else) then let it go and move on using the quality of Love.  Allow light and love to surround you.  Remember that at that time you were affected by a force beyond you.  It affected you in such a way that you did not know.  To recognize this and to know is to HEAL it and heal it forever.  Knowing Changes History.  When you admit what happened you apologize.  Understanding brings awareness.  Being aware means it will not happen again.  Don’t be controlled by evil.

Within the way that evil caused damage, PTSD was formed.  It’s not just our minds, it’s our soul.  PTSD actually indicates soul loss due to trauma.  Part of our soul would dissociate from you to protect itself from damage in turn creating PTSD which in turn actually creates more trauma and damage.  Another vicious circle created by evil.

We must keep our systems healthy.  Please ask that your TRUE Soul be returned to you in FULL.  Ask that it remain Healthy and Whole and remain with you at all times.  This is important.

Some people have attached themselves to other souls, consciously or unconsciously, typically for some type of gain.  That type of behavior is “evil”  It is an evil way of doing things.  It is not fair or right to hurt someone in that way and you are not being true to yourself.  You in actuality are stealing from another when you act in this manner.  Act out of your own soul only.

Some people have been affected by soul intrusion.  This again is evil.  It can be done to try to damage and torment you.  It can also be used as gain, to gain something from you that you want or something that is in your personal soul plan.  This is why many cannot move forward.  Their soul has been damaged or taken away.  It has not yet been corrected.  That is why so many are struggling and have yet to have our dreams realized.  They were stolen by others.  The energetic ways of evil allowed this to happen. It must be over turned in order to return to normal.

We cannot remain healthy and whole if we do not get our won soul back.  Ask that our soul be returned and protected by God, the Angels and the While Light.

I also want you to know within regards to this, many of you may have been attracted to evil.  Someone that was/is evil because they stole a part of someone else’s soul that you would normally be attracted to.  One might say they have or Had a part of someone’s soul that you were originally meant to be with.  It’s not your fault.  These people are evil.  Some of them acted out because they knew no better and had been affected by evil, however some of these people outright chose to be this way in order to not only cause chaos but for personal gain.  It not fair to us because it takes us away from those who truly love us, those who were truly meant for us.  We start to have some sort of understanding because Evil always shows it’s Face.  It tries to trick us constantly.  But with awareness we are set free.

We must be smarter.  You have to not fall for it.  I’m not going to say it’s always easy, but trust that things will get better.

I ask that you pray not only that you find your own soul, but your own soulmate.  Do not try to “steal” another.  We must reconnect with our values.  Find who you truly belong with.  Once we can shed our skin completely we will it will be much easier.  LOVE WILL FIND A WAY.   Don’t be tricked by evil or “Ego”.  Ego was something created by evil.  Living in “Ego” means living by evil ways.  I know some people have tried to explain it in other ways but this is how it is.  Being Egotistical is what Evil IS.  It thinks it is better than you.  This is in order to gain control, thus sometimes creating an inner struggle.  We must be aware and let ego and evil go.

Humble yourself and do not shut down or dissociate with yourself for if you do you will miss out on the best things in life.  It’s what evil would want, do not let it win.

It’s OK if you need to take some time for yourself and do some reflecting but don’t isolate yourself as well as do not turn your back on others.

Remember that we are all important in our own way.  Reconnect with what that is.  Find your true self again.  In that you will find life.  You will be love and you will be set free.

I’m putting this information needed out there in order for us all to change and Heal.

With this knowledge history will not repeat itself again.

Soul's Light

13 thoughts on “The Truth in the Face of Knowledge

  1. Your word wisdom is appreciated, Heather. I will be re-reading this as it’s so richly dense with information and inspiration. Thank you for your comments on last week’s blog. You said you’d be writing more about the EVIL topic, and you kept an impeccable word.
    Footnote: There’s been NO communication from the college or my dear friend, college roommate, and alumane president since last Tuesday.SILENCE.
    And so it is.
    I’ve moved on. I’m happily writing text for a new website plus 1,500+ words a day for my first solo book. God and the angels willing, it’s set for publication on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2019.

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    1. So glad to know you are better, wishing you much success on your book, I am busy working on mine, it will shed light upon many things


  2. For many years, I worked with clients suffering from PTSD. I agree with your assessment that it is the result of soul theft. Thanks for a powerful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m hoping it will all begin to heal very soon.


  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Heather.
    It’s so rich.

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  4. Thank you Heather for your beautiful wisdom. It will carry me forth through my day of creativity and flow. Much love ❤

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  5. We may never know all the answers to all the questions, but as long a we stay true to who we really are, evil has no hold on us.

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    1. I am actually writing a book, more answers are coming


  6. Love your wisdom here Heather. Thank you for sharing ❤

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  7. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to discuss issues and bring them into the light as the darkness holds our awakening. Evil is the shadow self that is now emerging. Scary and exciting at the same time.

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