Mother God ~ Mother of the Universe

There is a force relevant in your life.  She has gone by many names before, but she is the one and only Mother God ~ Mother of the Universe.  She is making her self known.  She has always been there but her messages not heard.  The mess of all the negativity that was formed over shadowed her.  This year has been a work of clearing.  She asks that you bring her back into your heart again so that you can hear her, really hear her.  Remember that any negative focus can cast doubt, lessening our faith.  Sometimes she may speak softly but her words are profound.  Her word is true.  Do not be scared for her love is real.  When you listen, truly listen, hearts and minds will be touched forever never to return to the darkness that once was.  Time has a way of changing and healing all wounds to bring us back to life and to a time once lost to us all, even her.  For we need to evolve, evolve past the troubling times of hate or better yet in spite of the times of hate.  During all this negativity one thing remained true, she had love in her heart.  Do all things with love she says and this will never hold you back.  You will never be without.

There is much information not known to this world for she holds much of it inside.  Know that she too has suffered.  Times are changing.  She has built a bridge from herself to this world in order to heal in turn providing the strength in others to do the same.  Help her by helping yourself in turn creating a chain of events to the likes this world has never had the opportunity to see before due to a dark star.  We must undo what was done to us by forces that were at one time beyond our control.  The realization that she is here will provide all the necessary nourishment that is needed.  Focus upon support and love.  The kindness that appears will change our world and shape us forever.  Into the light we shall remain.

Art by Cynthia Sheppard

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I’d love to hear how this makes you feel…what thoughts transpire when you read this?

13 thoughts on “Mother God ~ Mother of the Universe

  1. Thank you for sharing Heather.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I”m aware of a spiritual shift taking place but am not sure where it will take me.


  3. Deeply appreciative, “Do not be scared for her love is real. When you listen, truly listen, hearts and minds will be touched forever never to return to the darkness that once was.”
    So needed to hear this again. xo

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    1. Thank you Lore, I’m so glad it was helpful


  4. Beautiful sharing! This shift is profound. So important to stay aligned.

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  5. “Do all things with love.” Yes!

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  6. Thank you Heather. I am aware of the shifts taking place and find going with the flow the easiest way to cope with all that is being discarded to make space for the new.

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    1. It’s an honest way of looking at it, thank you 🙏🏻


  7. Wonderful invitation from the Divine Feminine. Thank you.

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