Twin Flames ~ Forgiveness, Love and Healing

After I got up this morning I was thinking about what deck I wanted to use for today’s message.  I was leaning toward my tarot deck but as I walked upstairs the angels told me to use my Keepers of the Light Oracle deck.  It was loud and clear.  I not only heard it but I saw it.  I felt the vibration of it.  Now I love this deck but have used it a lot, especially this last week but I trust them so I picked a card in the way I normally do.  The Master Jesus card came up!  Again!  It’s the 3rd time this week.  I wrote about it on Monday and then wrote a blog including it.  Since I wasn’t sure I wanted to write the same or similar post I wondered why the card came up, so I chose another card.  Mary Magdalene appeared.  Now I did not post about her this week but this is the 2nd time she came up this week and it was also with Master Jesus.  I feel there are many messages within this so writing a blog about it.  We have been through a lot this past week with amazing full moon that was in Pisces and Mars turning direct.  I also wrote about that this week.  We are in much need of Forgiveness, and letting go in order to HEAL.  Yes, it is the healing waters with will help us.  It’s a message that came to me from above.  I also know this from within.  It’s not only confirmed by the Master Jesus card, but I also picked a tarot card anyway.  When it all came up this morning I had to get my thoughts together and didn’t have time to write.  When I got home, I looked at the tarot card again and went with exactly what I said.  Healing Waters.  It is the six of swords.  The message says “relief will come after a struggle.”  This all fits together.
healing waters tarot
We are at an important time in our lives.  That is why the message that keeps coming up. Forgive and let go so that we can continue to move forward into the light…to live in the light.  And to live with love.  A Heart full of LOVE and ONLY  LOVE.  We are awakening.  I believe that is one reason Mary appears.  She wants you to know that you can trust the power of your own soul, you can never be truly broken.  However, as I wrote in my previous blog, we have all been affected by eons of negative things.  Things that were never meant for us as human and spiritual beings.  Sometimes that makes us forget about love.  Love truly is all there is.  It’s the main reason we are here.  It’s why were here, it’s how and why we were born,  and how we survive.
In order to let go, forgive and heal anything that has affected you in a negative or harmful way, whether it be yourself, someone else or some negative energy, possibly something that wasn’t even mean for you, you can pray and meditate upon the release.  Then bring for the light with gratitude to heal.  Fill yourself with light.
Light a candle (my favorites are white, pink and purple), light some sage or palo santo (or use a spray) hold you favorite gemstone (s) or the one’s I mention here in the blog, put your hands over your heart and speak out loud or or quietly with your eyes closed.  Set your intentions, any affirmations that come to you, pray to the angles, the universe, the divine, including Jesus and Mary.  Pray to your higher self.  And pray to the Water Spirits.  I’ve found them to be absolutely wonderful.  You can also do this while taking a bath (add some epsom salt for extra healing) or while in the shower or sitting peacefully outside by a body of water.
Be sure to let go of anything that is holding you back, including any fear.  Only love should be there.  Do all things in love and remember to love yourself immensely as well as all others.  Never forget how important you are… to yourself and to this world.
The other reason these two cards came up is that Mary and Jesus are Twin Flames.
This comes up a lot for me.  I had intentions on writing a blog on it but wasn’t exactly sure how to write it.  I think it must be time to include this here.
jesus and mary
I love the Keeper’s Of The Light Oracle cards.  One reason is that they felt it was important to include the information about who is who’s twin flame.  I absolutely love that idea.  I presume it was Kyle Gray as these are his cards.
I don’t know how much other’s know about twin flames, also known as twin souls.  The information started coming to me about 4 years ago when I was opening up more spiritually.  I came across some information online.  I personally find it fascinating and beautiful.  I feel that it is more out in the open as more people are talking about it.  I will do my best here, but you can do a search for more information if you wish.  There are people who post messages about it daily.  I think it’s because we are searching for a deeper kind of love.  I love from the beginning of time.
We all have another half.  It’s like one soul in 2 bodies.  A feminine and masculine counterpart.  It’s someone who is much like us.  In that regard, there is no one that resonates deeper within our soul than our twin.  It’s beyond beautiful to have a love so deep and so pure.  It’s a love like no other.  There are also soulmates, people that we have shared past lives with that resonated very deeply with us but it’s not the exact same as our twin.
Sometimes our twin is here on earth.  If we are lucky enough, we get to live our physical lives with him or her.  Sometimes our twin is on the other side.  Sometimes that twin just isn’t ready to come back in or it has no intention on living another life here on earth and is waiting for us on the other side as many of us may be living our last lives here.
When it comes to twin souls it can be tough because we are human.  Sometimes it can be a tough reunion because one or the other has not reach his or her higher self in the way that they need to in order for the reunion to be successful.  It had been said that in each lifetime we need to learn lessons for the highest good of our soul.  I take a look back and think that we never needed to learn such harsh lessons for our soul unless we needed to have a better understanding of things.  We’ve all been affected by terrible things.  I think it hurt us deeply, more than we know.  Sometimes when a twin has felt it, or gone through something terrible, we feel it too.  That’s why it’s good to be aware.  It’s also why I wanted to write about it.  I feel it’s not only important to send ourselves and others light and love but to especially send our twin light and love.  It’s important to keep your vibrations high not only for yourself and the betterment of this world, but for your twin too.  You can help him or her heal, in turn helping yourself heal.  When a twin can let go of and heal enough, he or she can come into your life.  They have to be willing to do the work though.  Once we look toward wholeness, everything will heal.  We all need to do our part.
Lots of people are looking for love.  Be sure to find what is real for you.  Connect with your heart and soul, and you will know.
Remember, you can always talk to your twin.  He or she is a soul.  We can connect with them in the spirit world just like we connect to the angels and beings of light.  Talk to them as a companion.  My belief is that they hear you, and you might just hear them back.
Divine Counterparts, that’s what they are sometimes called in the angelic realm.
We have Archangel Michael with Faith, Gabriel with Hope, Raphael and Mother Mary, Chamuel and Charity, Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, just to name a few, as well as all the Elohim Angles and let’s not forget Mother and Father God.
I think we are aching to return to a love like that.
I’ll leave this hear for you now.  If you have any questions on any of this, please let me know.
As for the gemstones I used with this reading.  they are heart centered with great wisdom.
Adventurine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Opalite, and Sodolite.
The Adventurine and Rose Quartz mainly for our green Heart Chakra and Love
The clear quartz to connect to the divine including your higher self.  It’s good to use in clearing.
Blue Opalite for the healing waters of Jesus and the water spirits.
Sodalite wand for magical wisdom.
Sodalite can help you make sense of your thoughts and visions.  You will receive increased awareness and clearer visions.  Any false illusions will be removed.
It can cleanse your aura and remove any bad feelings from your heart.

It’s a stone that symbolizes knowledge and communication.


Opalite will increase your personal power.  It will boost your self esteem and improve your sense of self worth.  With this you can unleash your inner strength so that you can uncover and express your deeper feelings.  When placed over the crown chakra it enhances our visions.

All the gemstones give us a feeling of love, peace and freedom.
I hope this all gave you some insight and something to think about.
With light and love,
Heather Maria

4 thoughts on “Twin Flames ~ Forgiveness, Love and Healing

  1. A beautiful blog, Heather. I agree this is a time of letting go and forgiveness. I love Mother Mary and Jesus as they deliver messages with grace. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the word grace was coming up for me last night as I was thinking about her specifically, thank you so much for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When we forgive, we set ourselves free. That’s a gift we give to ourselves. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A beautiful gift to feel free, thank you for that Barb


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