Returning to Love

We are all returning to love, a space from which we were born.  We are remembering and “unremembering” eons of information.  There has been great releases this year.  We are letting go of what no longer serves us.

With each Full Moon we have had this year there has been a release and opportunities for release.  Three months ago there was a huge release and lift of spirituality with the Buddha.  You can read about it here:

Right now we have just gone through the Pisces Full Moon.  I absolutely love the sign of Pisces.  It is so loving and forgiving.  Under a full moon we can feel the affects for a few days, and to be honest with you, with every shift and change we can feel the effect for the rest of our life, meaning that in a good way.

With a full moon we are at the highest point of the lunar cycle.  It’s a very powerful time to do inner work, to look within, heal, shift any blocks that need shifting (known or unknown), let go of the past and bring in the light.  This is something we can all do on a regular basis, not just at a full moon but that is when the energy is the most inviting.

Be good to yourselves, always.  Feel it, connect within, meditate upon it and give gratitude.

Please remember, we are Being of Light, that’s right… LIGHT.  We are full of light and love.  We need to fill ourselves full of light and love.  We need to inspire others to do the same.  It’s who we truly are, and where we came from is a vast Universe that was made through compassion.

Please see my posts from the last couple of days to see the stories of what came through the last couple of days.

It’s synchronicity at work throughout the Universe.

As this year was about to being, I called this year the year of Magic.  I’ve seen and felt much of it this year.

I put a lot of prayers, wishes and hopes into my life and the world this year.  No not everything is perfect but people are moving forward, and depending on how you look at it, depending on your perspective, we are moving in the right direction, times are changing.  I genuinely feel its so very important to continue working on ourselves.  Maybe “working” isn’t the right word for everyone.  LOVING ourselves (unconditionally) is sometimes a better point of view.  We need to be loving and kind to ourselves and to one another.  Its been said many times before, and honestly is pure common sense, but we are still in an “unlearning” stage.  A letting go of all the negative weight that has held us down.  There have been eons of it.  Pray to let it go, the known and unknown circumstances that have affected your life.  Pray to let go and be free.  Pray for others to do the same.

We have 4 more months to this highly divine spiritual year, a number 11 year.  What can you do to release, let go and move not only forward but higher into the light?


I’d love to be there for you.  To be an inspiration, motivator, and encourage you to live your best life possible.  Please follow my blog post, take a look at my webpage and follow my facebook, instagram and twitter for daily posts & messages.

As always, feel free to share everything I post with the world, so that we can share more light.  I give you all blessings and know I am always here for you.

14 thoughts on “Returning to Love

  1. Love the poem and your year of magic xo

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  2. Love your beautiful message Heather Maria and the line, Be good to yourselves, always. Feel it, connect within, meditate upon it and give gratitude.” Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad that resonated with you!


  3. Be good to yourself…. I love it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Heather.

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  4. I agree; this is the year of magic, release of what no longer serves and self-love. Beautiful poem, Heather. Thank you for sharing your personal story and pearls of wisdom.

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  5. Loved your guidance, Heather. This has been a very unique year and nurturing oneself seems to be a theme for many of us.

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    1. I completely agree & I wish that for the world. I’m so happy to have seen progress, I hope that those of us that have made a change can continue inspiring the world to do so. Thank you


  6. I like the idea of loving ourselves into the changes we need to make and the things we need to release. Beautiful post.

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    1. It’s a beautiful thing, thank you so much


  7. Great article that offers insights in to what is going on often intangibly. Our essence is unconditional love and it’s wonderful to be re-membering. Thank you for this lovely reminder.

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