Donate by making a Purchase/Benefit for Eva

Most of us have been touched by cancer in some way.

My best friend who is more like a sister to me is battling stage 4 breast cancer.
See flyer for more info.
Her family is having a benefit for her on July 15th, 2018. If you are in the area, please feel free to attend.
Lots of nice raffle prizes. I am donating one of my framed photos, my spiritual package I offer on my website, as well as a 5 card oracle reading.

eva flyer

From now until July 13, 2018 I will donate 50% of any purchases made from my website to her.

I offer Oracle card readings, tarot, a spiritual package that includes a one card reading and much information, gemstone reading, numerology reading, distant reiki and chakra healing as well as a few other services.

Please go to my website to view what I have to offer on my services page and make a purchase via paypal.  I do everything by email because I want you to have the information in front of you to read and to keep.

direct link:

As for the oracle and tarot cards I take photos of the card(s) to send along with the information.  I feel it’s important because seeing the cards makes it feel more real and I feel you are better able to resonate and might resonate deeper with the specific cards that come up for you.

I offer 1 card for $15
3 cards for $32
5 cards for $40
and a 10 card tarot reading for $35

Eva herself has always loved the card/tarot readings.

She is a very beautiful person who deserves the best in life.  I love her very much.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to contact me. My direct email is

Help Eva by helping yourself 🙂

Please help me share this message.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and if you are a healer of any kind, any light love and healing energy sent to her is always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Donate by making a Purchase/Benefit for Eva

  1. Thank you for sharing your friend’s story Heather. Sending you both love and compassion.

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  2. My whole family has been involved in fighting cancer through walks and runs, selling items, even the kids jumping rope for cancer. It help us to feel as if we’re doing something about it!

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