Solstice 2018

I asked to pick a card for today to go with the Solstice that starts tomorrow. This is a beautiful one to get and one that I feel is very important.
Purification and Detoxification
It’s time to release physical and energetic toxins from your life. What a great message to prepare for the longest day of the year. The Universe is supporting and encouraging us to make healthy changes to enjoy the next season fully, which is Summer here.
Change your diet, avoid harsh chemicals, avoid harsh energy, put your positive vibes out into the world. This is a time to celebrate.
The Garnet is the magnetic gemstone that assists us during this time.
Honor the Sun with the Sunstone.


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See what comes up for you!

2DSC_0001c (8x10)

Enjoy the Power of the Sun!

Feel free to meditate on this photo, or find a photo of the sun that resonates with you to aid in you detox and lighten your vibe.

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3 thoughts on “Solstice 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing Maria. Such a beautiful picture of the sun too.

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  2. A perfect message for tomorrow!

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  3. Beautiful! Great message for going into the solstice with intention!

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