Release at the Full Moon

Last night as the Full Moon was arising here I set up to do some card readings.
The message from my Yogi Tea was “Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.”



I set up the tools I chose to use and cleared the area.  This was a big Buddha Moon.  The Universe and the Angels were there as well as the light beings who showed up.  Each card I drew resonated with me for the specific person I was drawing it for.  Lots of interest in releasing under this Full Moon.  Buddha showed us a couple times as did Lady Venus, the lovely beauty in the sky, and even The Goddess Diana also know as Artemis made an appearance as she loves the moon and the night.  Messages showed up for people and I’m so grateful regarding the feedback I received following the card readings.  I even did one for myself at the end of the session asking what I needed to know.  This is what showed up.

michael 5-29-18.jpg

It was the only time his card showed up during this time.  I know that I am to Trust Heaven.  I am to know that I am safe and the Angels are close.  It would be wise for me to surrender any concerns and allow a miracle to occur.  This is something I had prayed about so I was so glad to receive confirmation.

I love these Keeper of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.  I knew they were the right deck to use for this particular day.  I had my purple cloth and surrounded the cards with my new Tiger’s Eye necklace I found at a Gem Show.  It has a special bead from Tibet in the center.

After the readings I decided to use the energy of the full moon to release anything I needed to release.  I also asked that what I do need come into my life.  I wrote some things down and I burned the paper outside.  As I slept all I seemed to dream about was Card Readings.  I kept seeing the card Green Tara in my dreams as if it had special meaning for me.  When I awoke this morning I looked at what the card meant.  This is what jumped out at me.  “She helps us move into a new state of being”  I felt blessed and thankful.  I am thankful I am on my path, thankful for the people I am meeting and grateful for all the good that is about to come.


The idea of this high point in the lunar cycle (the full moon) is to let go and move on.  It asks that we use this as a time for forgiveness and release.  It’s healthy and detoxifying.  The clearer you are now, the better you will be able to sow your intentions at the time of the New Moon.  After you forgive and release, fill yourself up with gratitude.

Did any of you do anything special under this Full Moon?  Did you receive any messages?  Or have you in the past under different phases of the moon?

Remember that we are all part of one big Consciousness.  We are all connected.



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7 thoughts on “Release at the Full Moon

  1. My message was “do what you love and love what you do.” Works for me! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Heather Maria, Thank you so much for this post! It was as if you were speaking to me. Thanks for sharing the process you went through and the tools you used as well as your experience. Last week I publicly committed in my blog post that I was starting an experiment to “Create more Space in My Life”. As a result I have been letting go of books, clothes and old ways of being, one by one. I feel like I am starting to peel away layers of “shoulds” and old beliefs and practices. I’m feeling lighter so I really connected with the message you received. I also pulled a Wild Woman Mystery card this morning that was “Mystery” and it invited me to step into the unknown and know that the Universe was guiding and protecting me. It is true that we are all interconnected. Thanks again for your special share.

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    1. Love your response! I just had a conversation with a gentleman I pulled a card for about how forgiveness and letting/releasing, whether it be known or unknown, makes you feel lighter. I know it has for me in the past. I’m glad you are creating more space in your life, I believe intuitively we know when it’s time. I’m so glad my post resonated with you.

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  3. Thank you, Heather! I too have been working on forgiveness issues. I recently had contact with someone I haven’t heard from in years which stirred up issues I had thought I’d dealt with. I love your message, “Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light.” My card today was The Hermit. He reminds me that sometimes it’s necessary to walk alone to get back to who you are. Blessings!

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    1. I absolutely agree and love how you put that sometimes it’s necessary to walk alone to get back to who you are. I’ve been there. I’ve gone through some things where I needed time for myself to really find myself again. I’ve also recently had some issues arise that I know I dealt with. Sometimes we get affected emotionally and I feel maybe it’s because we need to learn how to heal those things differently. We are human. Lots of self love always seems to help. Thank you for your response.


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