Just Breathe

I wrote this blog 5 years ago. I’m so very proud of it. Simple yet powerful.
Does it resonate with you? If so How?

Heather Maria Photography

When life gets hectic, just breathe.

Peacefulness is all around us and within us.

peaceful lake overlook

Open the mind and listen.

platinum woods

Find a moment of solitude.

fall park bench

Quiet the mind to focus on the small details.

center view

Every morning light brings a new day.

morning light

Reflecting on the past makes way for a better now and future.

2reflect on past

Life is not always in focus.

out of focus

Change your outlook. Change your perspective.

change the angle

Continue the Journey and remember to Just Breathe.

platinum fall mystical trees

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5 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. From five years ago, these words still ring to true, right? Thank you for this lovely reminder – just breathe. xoxo


  2. Beautiful post Heather. Love the images and the reminder to simply breathe.


  3. Timeless wisdom! Beautiful, too.


  4. As relevant as new. Thank you Heather. Reminded me to breathe.


  5. Beautiful post! and loved the photos! very refreshing 🙂


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