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When I pull a card for the day I always ask to pull it for the world.  It’s about what would best serve the world right now.  However it also tends to be a message that needs to go out to the world as something to know always.

This card encourages you to trust your inner guidance and embrace the intuitive wisdom that resides within your soul. This isn’t a time to be influenced by others’ opinions or to betray our inner guidance.
You are being encouraged to spend quiet time alone. Nature and outdoors will enhance your connection to Source and align your soul with Mother Earth. Likewise, regular prayer, meditation, listening to beautiful music, mindful breathing and exercises such as yoga or Qigong will enhance your intuition and help develop your clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant ablilites.
You are being asked to harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of your life, cycles that are encouraging you to trust your inner guidance. When you are indecisive and unsure, always go within, for your intuition knows the path that serves your greater good. When you trust in yourself and your connection to the Divine, you will synchronistically be led to where you need to be.
Affirmation: My intuition leads me to where I need to be.

I myself live from my soul which is of the highest Divinity.  I use my own special intuition to assist others.  The personal card readings I do are specific to you.  I offer 1, 3, and 5 card readings available to purchase on my website under Services.  I also offer Healing Energy Work such as Distant Reiki, Chakra clearing and healing, Past Life and Ancestral Healing, so that you feel in balance, mind, body, spirit and soul.  In addition I offer Gemstone readings as they hold many powers and the crystals can easily communicate with our physical consciousness.  I also have a special astrology package available.  The details will help explain your life and inspire you to live the life you were always meant to live.  This includes a numerology reading which is also a separate offering that allows you to know your strengths and can uncover things you might need to change about yourself.

Sometimes you can’t always do it alone, or you need that Boost from someone full of light to assist you so you can move forward in anything and everything you want and need.


p.s.  I appreciate your shares of this blog.  Every share helps to reach a person who might not otherwise see it who it looking for help.  Have a wonderful day and Enjoy your Intuition!

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10 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. SO on point! Love Love Love!!! Thank you gorgeous!

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  2. I agree this is a time of trusting your intuition. I have some well meaning friends who like to give career advice. I have learned if it isn’t right for me I am not doing it. I now graciously decline telling them I am not receiving that message from spirit at this time. Thanks for your blog Heather Maria!

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    1. Your welcome & good for you to find a way to say it to them and trust yourself, I know how that feels.

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  3. I think the reason we are being called again and again to get silent and listen to our intuition is because of how noisy and dividing our world is right now. We need less noise and more listening to heal the world.

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  4. Excellent – love the quotes too. Intuition is our guidance system and one we can trust in!

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  5. Hey Heather! As always, a fun read! So happy to be connected to you. Intuition is a great guide!

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    1. Thank you, so happy that we are in sync with the way we think


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